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When you want a visa for Uganda, there are some things that may not work according to plan. That is why we wish to keep you informed and help you avoid some of the most common issues.

That way, before you apply, you'll be able to know how to handle the situation. However, the best advice we can give is to apply for a Uganda visa online, so you won't find the same amount of problems as getting a consular visa. In the meantime, below, you will find a few of the most common Uganda visa problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Uganda e-Visa?

Before explaining some of the problems you can have with your visa, it's important that you know what is an Electronic Visa to Uganda. This e-Visa is an official document that allows citizens from foreign countries to enter Uganda, and you can have this document through an online application.

What requirements do I need to apply for this online visa?

It's not that hard to collect all the requirementes. The first one is obviously the passport. This is a general requirement that applies to all people who want a visa, regardless the destination.

Every passenger who needs an Uganda visa must have a valid passport. Furthermore, the passport must maintain its validity for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in the country. If you don't have this condition, you're in risk of having your application denied. That would mean being forced to repeat the process after you renew your passport.

Another requirement you need is to simply fill in the application form. An also, it's important that you have vaccination certificate that confirms the fact you have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. If you fail to comply, you could easily be subjected to mandatory vaccination.

As a last but not least important requirement, you need a passport-size photograph of yourself. The photo will go on your visa if you go for a consular visa, or on your electronic visa in a database.

The photo has to be as recent as possible, and it also must be taken on a white background, you should also avoid any face gesture while you have your picture taken, and you must not wear glasses. You may wear a head covering only for religious reasons, but your face still needs to be visible.

Does the airport issue a Uganda visa on arrival?

Until July 2016, eligible nationalities could get a Uganda visa on arrival at the Entebbe International Airport, as well as at a few land borders. However, that changed when the Ugandan Government replaced the visa on arrival with the electronic visa system. As it seemed, the visa on arrival system was not working properly, especially in the period before the e-visa came out. Delays were an often occurrence, and people were not happy.

So, to avoid this issue, do not leave for Uganda with the hope that you will get a visa on arrival at the airport. That is no longer available, and you will be invited to go back from where you came from. You need to apply for a Uganda e-visa before your departure, and you can use the services provided by iVisa to do so. That should help you avoid this issue.

What if I made a mistake in my application form?

When you apply online, you will be asked to fill in an online application form. You need to be extra careful of what you are putting in.

iVisa advises you to read carefully every piece of information you provide. Furthermore, one of the three steps of the application process gives you the opportunity to revise everything. That is because you cannot correct mistakes after your application reaches processing.

There are two situations in which you can make a correction: the immigration officer requests additional information, and your application has not reached processing yet. Our recommendation is to double or triple-check the information you provide so that you can avoid going through the process once more.

What if The diplomatic mission in my area does not accept visa applications?

While you may think that this is a bad thing, it is, in fact, quite the contrary. Many Ugandan diplomatic missions no longer accept visa applications on site.

To give you a few examples, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, they all have a Ugandan diplomatic mission, but none of them will take your application. Your only alternative is to apply online.

iVisa can help you with that, and you will see that it is a lot more convenient to apply online rather than going to an embassy. For one, you do not have to go anywhere. You can apply from the comfort of your own home at 2 AM if you like. The fees are affordable, and the requirements are easy to meet. Plus, they are pretty much the same as at the embassy. To solve this issue, all you need is to apply online for a Uganda e-visa, and you can have the document in as little as 1 business day. All that can be accomplished with only 15 minutes of your time. iVisa will handle all the bureaucratic hassle so that you can plan your vacation.

What are the prices for the Uganda e-Visa?

Since your best option is to simply apply online, then iVisa offers you three options for this. We'll give you the average total price so you can have a better idea:

  • Standard: This is the most selected since it is the least expensive. It costs USD $130.49, and your application is ready in 8 days, so basically is less than a week.
  • Rush: You can have your visa in less time, waiting just 6 days, and for that the cost is USD $182.49.
  • Super Rush: With this option you have your visa in just 4 days, but you have to pay more, USD $255.49 being precise.

Keep in mind that these fees are just for the Uganda Tourist e-Visa with an US Passport, in case you decide to apply for another visa the prices may vary. You can check here the different visas and their prices if you need another option.

How can I apply?

To apply with iVisa is quite easy. We offer a two-step process that you should do within 10 minutes or even less. In case you need any help, you can call iVisa’s support service 24/7.

These are the steps you have to follow:

  1. The first step is to offer personal information such as name, address and passport info. In this part, you also have choose a processing time.
  2. The second step is to focus on payment and revision. Before you submit your application, make sure that all the information you provide is 100% accurate. We cannot change any data if your visa is already issued, remember that.

If you want to start, click here, but check first that your nationality is the right one and that you're also applying for the proper visa.

Where can I find more information?

Do you want to know more about Uganda? then you can check this page. You can also chat with one of our customer service representatives if you prefer.

You're just one click away to know the beauties of The Pearl of Africa, so don't worry about going to an embassy anymore, you're able to get your visa just with the Internet.

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