UK Standard Visitor Visa for Pakistani citizens: Complete guide for 2023
iVisa | Updated on Aug 10, 2023

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Embarking on a journey to the United Kingdom from Pakistan? This guide is tailored to give Pakistani travelers essential information for a smooth and successful UK Visitor Visa application process. You'll need this visa if you're visiting the United Kingdom for tourism, business, family visits, medical treatment, and more.

In this complete article, we delve into all you need to know about the UK Standard Visitor Visa application process, requirements, UK visa fees, and benefits.

When ready, start your application online through our convenient online platform or the user-friendly iVisa app!

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Do Pakistani citizens need a UK Standard Visitor Visa?

Regarded as one of the most sought-after options for traveling to the United Kingdom, this visit visa caters to various specific purposes, including tourism, business ventures, and reconnecting with family and friends. This visa is sometimes called a tourist visa.

The UK Standard Visitor Visa application involves completing an online application form, paying the UK Visa application cost, and attending an in-person appointment at a UK visa application center or embassy. During this appointment, you'll be required to give biometric information, submit essential documents, and potentially participate in an interview if necessary.

Our dedicated services provide access to skilled professionals who will guide you through each phase of the application process, significantly enhancing your likelihood of achieving that coveted visa approval.

UK Visitor Visa: Eligibility criteria for Pakistani citizens

While Pakistani citizens are eligible for the UK Standard Visitor Visa, you must also meet other criteria, which include:

  • Intention to leave the UK: You must demonstrate your plans to depart the UK at the end of your visit.

  • Financial capability: You must prove you have the means to support yourself and any dependents during your trip. If someone else will be funding your journey, you must provide evidence of their financial support.

  • Return or onward journey: You must show you can pay for your return or onward trip from the UK.

  • Short-term stay: Your visit shouldn't involve living in the UK for extended periods through frequent or successive visits, nor should you intend to travel on indefinite leave.

Benefits of a UK Standard Visitor Visa for Pakistani citizens

These UK Visas open the door to an unforgettable experience in the United Kingdom. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you can choose from various categories:

  • Tourism and leisure: A valid UK Visitor visa allows travelers to experience the UK's rich history, culture, and tourist attractions.

  • Business opportunities: If you're a Pakistani professional, this visa allows you to attend business meetings and conferences or explore potential business partnerships in the UK.

  • Visit family and friends: Reunite with family members or friends in the UK.

  • Enroll in short courses: Participate in a school exchange program or enroll in a course of up to 30 days, such as a dance or English language course.

  • Seek healthcare: Receive medical treatment and consult with British doctors.

  • Volunteer work: Engage in volunteer activities for up to 30 days with a registered charity institution in the United Kingdom.

  • Transit: Make stopovers at a UK airport without needing an additional transit visa if you have a Standard Visitor Visa.

Note that you can't work, reside, or study long-term with this United Kingdom visa. For more info about a skilled worker visa or student visa, check the government website.

UK Visa requirements for Pakistani citizens

Proving your travel purpose and eligibility requires the submission of supporting documentation. When using our online visa application service, a comprehensive list of required documents for the visa appointment will be provided.

To offer a broad perspective, here's an outline of the visa requirements for UK visa applications by Pakistani citizens.

UK Standard Visitor Visa: Required documents for citizens from Pakistan

To apply for the UK Standard Visitor Visa, submit the following documents as part of the process:

  • Valid Pakistani passport – An ordinary passport valid for up to six months beyond the intended stay and containing at least two blank pages.

  • Completed visa application form, to be filled out online during the application process.

  • Proof of sufficient funds – There's no fixed amount, but you must state how much your trip will cost and present bank statements and other documents showing sufficient funds to cover all travel expenses.

  • Proof of residence – If you're living in a country other than Pakistan, you must also present proof of residence, such as a green card, residence permit, or a visa sticker in your passport (if applicable).

  • Detailed itinerary – A detailed itinerary outlining the purpose and planned activities during your stay in the UK. Also, provide proof of accommodation arrangements in the UK, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter from a host.

  • Payment method: Credit or debit card to pay the UK Visit Visa fee.

  • Details of any criminal, civil, or immigration offenses you may have committed.

Please remember that additional documents may be required based on your circumstances.

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How to apply for the UK Standard Visitor Visa in Pakistan?

To apply for the United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa with our guidance, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Provide your personal details on our website or by downloading the iVisa app. Double-check all info carefully to avoid errors and proceed with paying the visa fees.

  • Step 2: Complete the UK Visa application form and upload the required documents. Our iVisa Experts will review it and schedule a visa appointment.

  • Step 3: Attend the visa appointment at the UK Embassy or Visa Application Center (VAC) to provide biometric data and undergo the interview. We'll assist you in finding the nearest location, preparing for the interview, and providing tips for a successful appointment.

After your interview, the UK immigration authorities will need your passport to issue a valid visa.

How long can Pakistani citizens stay in the UK with the Standard Visitor Visa?

Possessing a UK Standard Visitor Visa allows Pakistani citizens to stay in the United Kingdom for a maximum of 180 days in Total per visit. This Multiple Entry visa maintains its validity for a period of six months. Nonetheless, the immigration officer will determine the precise length of your stay, considering both your visit's intent and your unique situation.

For instance, if your purpose is to receive medical treatment and you apply for a UK Standard Visitor Visa, your stay in the country could be extended to up to 11 months, contingent upon the duration of your treatment.

Costs and processing times for the UK Standard Visitor Visa in Pakistan

When applying with us, the application cost includes our service fee of USD $190.99 and the government UK visa fee of USD $129.00 at the time of writing. Check the most up-to-date fees by starting the application here.

The processing time also consists of two parts:

  • iVisa processing time: 30 days, during which our iVisa Experts will carefully check your form and schedule a visa appointment on your behalf.

  • Government processing time: After the visa appointment, the government processing time is typically up to 3 weeks to analyze your visa application.

Benefits of applying for a UK Standard Visitor Visa with us

When applying with us, you count on added value services that will assist you in your journey for an error-free application:

  • Best chances of visa approval – We'll assist you in submitting a flawless application, increasing your chances of getting the visa approved.

  • Flexible form completion – Take your time to complete the visa application form at your own pace. Take breaks whenever you need and save your progress for later.

  • Guaranteed appointment scheduling – Save time and effort as we promptly secure your visa appointment, sparing you the hassle of searching for available dates.

  • Expert agent support – If you have any questions or worries during the application process, our team of iVisa Experts is here to provide you with end-to-end assistance and support.

  • Real-time order tracking – Easily monitor the progress of your visa application through your iVisa account, staying updated at all times.

Tips for a successful UK Standard Visitor Visa application in Pakistan

For an even easier UK Standard Visitor Visa application, follow these expert tips for improved chances of success:

  • Complete information: Provide all required information accurately and truthfully on the visa application form.

  • Supporting documents: Include all mandatory supporting documents to substantiate the purpose of your visit and financial ability.

  • Travel plans: Give a complete travel itinerary outlining the planned activities during your stay in the United Kingdom.

  • Ties to Pakistan: Highlight your ties to Pakistan, such as family commitments, employment, or property ownership, to prove your intention to return after the visit.

  • Get professional guidance: Rely on our iVisa Experts' assistance to ensure all aspects of the application are properly addressed, and let us do the hard work for you!

Common reasons for UK Standard Visitor Visa refusals in Pakistan

Some common reasons for UK Standard Visitor Visa rejections are:

  • Insufficient financial documentation: Failure to provide satisfactory evidence that you're able to cover your visit.

  • Lack of genuine intentions: Not convincingly demonstrating the true purpose of the visit and suspicions of intending to work or live in the country illegally.

  • Past visa violations: A history of violating visa rules or overstaying may negatively impact your UK Visitor Visa application.

  • Criminal record: Applicants with a criminal record or previous convictions may face visa refusal, especially if their past offenses raise security concerns for UK society.

Need more information about the UK Visitor Visa?

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