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US Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit United States in 2023

US Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit United States in 2023

Welcome to United States

The United States is one of the most fascinating destinations in North America, attracting millions of tourists every year for its majestic landscapes, iconic landmarks, and magical sites.

It’s time to check the most relevant travel tips to get to the US and get the most out of your trip. We will share the ultimate United States travel guide in the following lines.

Travel Requirements Checklist

  • Visa or ESTA

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months of validity when entering the US

Before You Go

  • Currency 1 USD currency exchange calculator tool

  • Daily budget for 1 person - Between USD 75 and USD 300

  • Language - English

  • Top 3 cities to visit - New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

  • Top 3 landmarks/monuments - The Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Socket type - Types A and B

  • Time zone - These are the time zones in the US: Hawaii (UTC -10:00), Alaska (UTC-09:00), Pacific (UTC-08:00), Mountain (UTC-07:00), Central (UTC-06:00), Eastern (UTC-05:00), Samoa (UTC-11:00) and Chamorro (UTC+10:00)

Visa Information for the United States

You can enter the United States as long as you have the mandatory travel documents with you. Most nationalities can apply for a US visa according to their travel purposes or opt for an ESTA, a travel authorization for some nationalities. Most travelers can get the B1/B2 visa, an immigrant visa allowing visits for tourism or business. It’s valid for 10 years and permits a maximum stay of 180 days per entry (it will enable multiple entries). You also have alternatives according to your specific situation or if you’re part of the visa waiver program. Remember to get through customs and border protection once you arrive and show your visa.

ESTA explained - Visa Waiver Program

ESTA means Electronic System for Travel Authorization and is available for some nationalities exempt from a US visa or part of the visa waiver program. It has a validity of 2 years and permits multiple entries. You can stay a maximum of 90 days per entry with this travel authorization. You can use it for tourism or business purposes.

B1/B2 explained

The B1/B2 visa is available for most nationalities that want to visit the US for tourism or business reasons. It’s valid for up to 10 years after issuance and allows multiple entries. You can stay a maximum of 180 days per visit. You can apply for a new B1/B2 visa or renew the one you have.

“Laser Visa” (BCC)

The “laser visa” is also known as the Mexico Border Crossing Card. It functions as a border card and a tourist visa for the US. It’s only available for Mexican passport holders. It permits a maximum stay of 30 days within a 10-year validity. Border protection will request these travel documents for smooth entry to the US. Remember to have it with you during your stay, as homeland security could also ask for it.

EVUS explained

EVUS isn’t a visa. It’s an Electronic Visa Update System for passport holders of China with a USA B1/B2 visa valid for 10 years. The system allows multiple entries and a maximum stay of 90 days per entry. Travelers must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

DV Lottery Entry Form explained

The Diversity Visa program allows applicants to obtain a green card or a permanent resident card through a selection process. It’s open for nationalities that don’t send many immigrants to the US. The requirements are strict, so make sure to comply with all of them.

If your nationality is within a visa waiver program, check carefully the travel document you need for a smooth entry. You can trust the electronic system and get these official documents online easily. Trust the official government organization website for these matters.

Typical Costs and Budget - Travel to the United States

A small guide on how much you will spend on the most relevant aspects of your trip:

  • Daily spending per person - USD 186 per person/per day/ on a budget vacation

  • Meals - USD 45 per day

  • Transport - USD 39 per day

  • Hotel - USD 204, for two people per night

The average cost of a one-week vacation for one person in the US is USD 1,558.

Transport and Ways to Travel around the United States

Enjoy the well-connected states. Major cities connect through daily flights, which is the fastest way of transport. You can also use trains in some cities. Most visitors prefer rental cars and drive around the US. There are several tours for drivers. If you’re into public transport, you must check before if it’s safe in the city you’re staying. Buses are also a cheap alternative to travel between towns.

Safety in the United States - Homeland Security and Border Protection

Local authorities have strict guidelines to keep their cities safe. Still, you should be aware of your surroundings and always identify zones you may not want to visit during your trip. Public transport stations could be scenarios for homeless people, just keep your distance whenever you’re using the service. Respect the local laws so you don’t get in trouble with local authorities. Overall, you can trust homeland security and border protection for an incredibly safe atmosphere from the airport onwards.

Weather in the United States

As the United States is such a large country, weather can vary by state and location. During summer, northern states have warm mornings and cool nights. The southern states experience sweltering temperatures. In the fall, most states see a drop in temperature, and by winter, the northern, midwestern, and western mountains start to see snow.

Popular Cities and Towns in the United States

You can find all types of cities in the US, from coastal towns to ski resort cities. Explore the most fascinating destinations now:

  • New York - The iconic Statue of Liberty frames this gorgeous city

  • Los Angeles - Check out the Walk of Fame and find your favorite celebrities

  • San Francisco - Enjoy the colorful quarters

  • Washington D.C. - Visit the White House and see where the US President lives

  • Orlando - Live the magic of Disney World

If you need more travel advice, keep checking the following lines. Remember that homeland security and border protection will keep you safe in any of these cities.

Must Do and See in the United States

The US has some fantastic mandatory activities you must do during your time there.

  1. Drive Route 66 and enjoy the most majestic sights from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier.

  2. Climb the Statue of Liberty and get the most incredible views of New York City.

  3. Explore Hollywood Boulevard, where you will find the famous Chinese Theater and many famous characters.

  4. Enjoy Niagara Falls and its force during any season.

  5. Head to Alcatraz in San Francisco and learn about one of the darkest stories from this spooky prison.

Local authorities also recommend the best visits. Check them out as soon as you arrive in town.

Typical US Food to Try

  • Apple Pie - This dessert is a national institution. The combination of sugar, buttery pastry, and sliced apples is all you need. You must try apple pie with green chilies in Pie Town, New Mexico.

  • The Hamburger - The best burgers are all around the country. From In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast to The Spotted Pig in New York, you will find a burger for all budgets and tastes. Still, the birthplace of hamburgers in the US is New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Clam Chowder - If you’re in Boston, you can’t leave without trying the New England clam chowder. This is a white and lumpy soup with a delicious flavor everybody loves.

Vaccine Information

The vaccination status of every traveler entering the US must be “fully vaccinated”. They must have the doses according to their countries of origin’s regulations. Still, always check the latest requirements and local laws before traveling. We recommend getting comprehensive travel insurance so you don’t have to cover overseas medical costs or emergency assistance. Your vaccination status is exceptionally relevant. Have your certificate with you at all times. Customs and border protection could request all mandatory documentation.

Are there COVID-19 restrictions?

Currently, you don’t need to go through testing or quarantine requirements. You only need your vaccine status according to what local authorities want, and you will be ready for the US. These regulations allow disease control.

Interesting Topics about the United States

The US is the largest economy in the world and has maintained this position since 1871. For this reason, the United States is seen as an economic superpower. It makes up almost a quarter of the entire economy worldwide. The country has a massive population, invests in technology, and has high consumer spending. These factors are essential for its economic position.

The US is the top producer of entertainment. Hollywood is the center of movies and attracts tourists thanks to its famous landmarks. Also, you can find huge studios and your favorite celebrities walking around.

Fun Facts about the United States

Learn more about your new destination and some facts you will find enjoyable.

New York’s name was New Amsterdam. Before New York became one of the most famous cities in the world, the first Dutch settlers named it New Amsterdam.

Alaska used to belong to Russia before they sold it to America. In 1959, it became a state and now holds several national parks.

The US has the most extended cave system in the world. The Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky holds this distinction.

Hawaii is the only archipelago state with incredible beaches and waves.

The North Pole is located in Alaska, and you can enjoy Christmas all year round.

Look for other internet sites to find out more.

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