Passport Renewal in El Paso

Passport Renewal in El Paso

iVisa | Updated on Jun 26, 2020

Do you live in El Paso, and you want to renew your US passport? You should know that you have two options. If you’re eligible, you can apply by mail. At the same time, if your trip is in less than 2 weeks, you can go in person at a passport agency.

Fortunately for you, iVisa offers you a third option, and the best one if you want this process to be quick and easy. All you have to do is submit your application on our website and our team will take care of helping you during the process. You can do everything 100% online, you will not have to go to any immigration office to process your new passport. Start now.

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Passport renewal El Paso – submission by mail

Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for a passport renewal by mail. There are a few criteria to be eligible for that. They are as follows:

  • The passport you want to renew is still in your possession. It was never stolen or lost. Keep in mind that it makes no difference is it’s valid or not.
  • The passport is not older than 15 years.
  • You were at least 16 years old when the passport was issued.
  • There is no damage to your passport. By damage, we understand mutilation, discoloration, missing pages, the laminate is lifted enough to allow photo substitution, etc. * Usual ‘wear and tear’ does not qualify as damage.
  • The name on the passport is the same as your current name. If you have a legal document that proves your name change, this requirement is met. Thus, you can renew by mail.

Please remember that ALL criteria above must be met. You can’t miss one. If you do, then your only option is to apply for a passport renewal in person.

What are the requirements for a passport renewal by mail?

Once you establish that you are eligible for a passport renewal by mail, you have to put together some documents that you have to submit. They are as follows:

  • The passport itself – again, make sure that all the criteria are met.
  • A DS-82 form – the US Department of State can help with that. Access their website to find the form. You can fill it online using the filler, or you can print it and complete it by hand. Whatever you choose to do, do not forget to sign and date it before submission.
  • If applicable, the legal document that proves your name change – this could be a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or anything else that confirms your name change.
  • One passport-sized photo – as you may very well know, the US passport photo measures 2 by 2 inches. The background must be white, and you cannot appear wearing glasses. Also, please submit a picture that is not older than 6 months.
  • The passport renewal fee – the cost of an adult passport book is $110. A passport card is $30. When you submit your application by mail, you cannot pay using cash. You must pay with a check or money order. The amount must be payable to the US Department of State.

Once you have everything above, you need to take an envelope that is large enough so that the documentation you submit is not folded. The envelope must be addressed to: National Passport Processing Center, Post Office Box 640155, Irving, TX 75064-0155.

Passport renewal El Paso – submission in person

If your trip is in less than 14 days, you can renew your passport at a passport agency in El Paso. The expedite fee is $60. For additional information, please check the US Department of State website.

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