Can I Apply For a Passport Renewal If It’s Expired?
iVisa | Updated on Sep 12, 2023

Dreaming of your next epic international travel adventure but discovered your passport has expired? No need to panic; the road to renewal is smoother than you think.

At iVisa, we understand that travel doesn't wait. And neither should you. However, most countries require you to have a valid passport.

But can you renew an expired passport? Absolutely! You're in the clear as long as your passport book was issued within the last 15 years.

With our hassle-free passport services specifically designed for U.S. citizens, your new passport and next global escapade are just a few clicks away.

So, put those worries to rest and focus on plotting your next adventure. With us at your side, passport renewal is as simple as packing your suitcase. Prepare to discover the world anew!

What are the steps to renew an expired passport?

passport process explanation

Embarking on your next travel adventure should be exciting, not stressful. We've simplified the passport renewal process into an easy-to-follow, 3-step journey. Let's renew your passport and get you back on the globe-trotting path!

  • Step 1: Get started right away Visit our user-friendly website and fill out a straightforward application form. For even more convenience, you can also use our mobile app to complete this step right from your phone. Upload your best photograph and finalize by paying the processing fee. Voilà! Step one—complete.

  • Step 2: Your renewal kit arrives! We'll send you a renewal kit tailored just for you. This kit has everything you need to breeze through the passport renewal procedure. Sign the supporting documents, add your recent passport photo, and drop the kit off at your nearest mailbox or post office.

Remember that you can use our passport photo service to get updated, government-compliant passport photos from the comfort of your home.

Easy-peasy, right?

  • Step 3: Sit back and relax You're almost there! Simply track your application through our platform. Depending on your selected processing option, you'll have your shiny, new passport in your hands within 4 to 6 weeks or ten weeks.

At iVisa, your travel dreams are our priority. We're here to uncomplicate your life, allowing you to concentrate on the more exhilarating aspects of travel. So what are you waiting for? Your next unforgettable journey is just around the corner!

What are the processing times and costs for a Passport Renewal?

In addition to paying the Government Fee of USD 130.00, you'll need to pay the iVisa processing fee, which varies depending on how quickly you need it. We offer the following passport processing times:

  • Get your renewal kit in 3 Days for USD 72.00.

  • Obtain your kit in 6 Days for USD 60.00.

  • Receive your kit in 9 Days for USD 40.00.

If you need your passport in 4–6 weeks, you'll be charged an extra USD 60.00 for expedited service.

Can I apply for a passport renewal if it's expired?

Absolutely, you can renew an expired adult passport! You're good to go if it was issued within the last 15 years and you're a U.S. citizen currently living in the United States. But keep these key pointers in mind:

  • You'll need your current or previous passport, even if it's expired!

  • Ensure your name is correctly written on your passport. Every letter counts!

  • You need to be 16 or older to go through the renewal process.

  • Your passport should have been issued within the last 15 years. Vintage is cool, but not for passports!

  • A worn-out passport won't make the cut. Make sure it's in good shape!

How can I track my Passport Renewal application?

With iVisa, staying updated is as effortless as applying for the renewal itself! You get:

  1. Frequent updates: Once you've applied for a Passport Renewal with iVisa, our dedicated customer support team will keep you in the loop. You'll receive regular updates on the status of your application.

  2. Ability to track via our app: Use our mobile app for real-time tracking at your fingertips. It's designed for on-the-go travelers like you!

So go ahead and focus on planning your next globetrotting adventure. We've covered the tracking part, ensuring you're always in the know. Before you know it, you'll have your renewed passport in your hands!

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