Does the passport number change when renewed?
iVisa | Updated on Sep 15, 2023

Pondering whether your passport number will take a new form when you renew it? You're in good company; this is a hot topic in the world of travel.

Fear not; we're here to demystify the process for you. Get ready to turn the page on a fresh chapter in your travel story, complete with a new passport number. Let's embark on this journey to clarity together!

Your passport renewal application will be hassle-free with our expert guidance and real-time updates. Let's simplify your journey together!

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What is a passport number?

Ah, the elusive passport number! A unique identifier that's your golden ticket to global travel.

A passport number is a series of alphanumeric characters explicitly assigned to you and your passport.

Think of it as your travel social security number; it's unique to you and only you. The passport number is essential for everything from booking flights and hotels to applying for visas.

Where is my passport number?

Do you feel like you need a treasure map to find the number before your next adventure? Don't worry; it's easier to find than you think.

Your passport number is usually prominently displayed in the top-right corner of the photo page in your passport. This is the same page that contains your passport photo, name, date of birth, and other vital information. A quick glance, and you'll be ready for your next journey.

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How to find the passport number without your passport book

Whether you've lost your passport or simply don't have it within arm's reach, we've got you covered! Here's how to find your passport number in a pinch:

  • Digital copies: Always store a digital copy of your current passport on a secure platform. You can easily find your passport number here.

  • Contact the embassy: If you're abroad and have lost your passport, contacting your country's embassy can help retrieve your passport number. Many seasoned travelers also advise holding onto your old passport so that if your current passport gets lost or stolen, you can use the old one as a photo ID to get a replacement or emergency passport.

  • Check previous applications: If you've applied for visas or other travel documents, chances are your passport number was required. Scour through your emails or physical copies for this information.

  • Login to government portals: Many countries offer online services where you can log in to view your passport details, including the passport number.

  • Family and friends: If someone else has handled bookings or applications for you, they might have a record of your passport number.

  • Use our app: Our mobile app helps you keep all your travel documents up-to-date and in one place. This means you can keep track of crucial documents and numbers, ensuring you're always prepared.

How does renewing your passport affect your passport number?

Renewing your passport is like giving your travel life a fresh coat of paint. But what happens to your passport number in this process? Does it stick with you like your favorite travel memories, or does it change?

The answer is simple: Yes, your passport number will change when you renew it.

When you renew your passport, you get a brand-new passport book with a shiny new number, issue date, and expiration date. Why is this important? Any valid visas or permits linked to your previous passport number won't automatically transfer to your latest one. So, if you have long-term visas or resident permits, you'll need to update them with the new passport number.

We make this whole process a breeze with our easy passport renewal service. Navigate your travel life easily, and always stay one step ahead with quick passport renewals.

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