Uzbekistan visa photo size

Uzbekistan visa photo size
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

When you apply for a visa, most likely you need to provide a photograph. Every applicant must do so, and the requirements for an Uzbekistan visa are no different. Along with all the other conditions, you must also provide a photo of yourself. It will be linked to your visa so that the officers at immigration can accurately identify you. However, there is one specific photo size you need to provide. This requirement is valid for all visas, so why would the Uzbekistan visa be any different?

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There is one general rule that the Uzbekistan visa photo size should be the same as the one for a passport photo. However, you do not need to worry about that since you go to a studio to capture it anyway. The people who work there are usually familiar with the proper sizes when it comes to all kinds of documents, so they will know which size to make for your Uzbekistan visa.

When you apply online for an Uzbekistan visa, the things are not much different. However, you need to provide a passport-sized photo in digital format. Again, you do not need to worry because the person taking your picture knows precisely what to do.

Are there other requirements regarding the visa photo?

Whether you apply for your Uzbekistan visa at the embassy or you apply online, the guidelines your photo must follow are pretty much the same. However, do not take them lightly. A picture that does not support the guidelines will be rejected. Here are some other requirements your photo must meet:

  • The background should be white – we all know that white provides the best contrast, which is why the background in photo studios will always be white. It provides a better clarity of your face.

  • Your face should cover about 2/3 of the photo – this is something that is not your job to know, but you should take a look before leaving the studio with your pictures. Photographers can make mistakes sometimes.

  • Do not wear glasses – even if you need the glasses to see because you have terrible eyesight, you should take them off when you have your picture taken. That is because the flash from the camera can be reflected on your glasses. That will make your face barely visible, and your picture will just not do. Nobody will accept that photo as suitable.

  • Headwear is not acceptable – when you have your picture taken, you should remove any headwear you may have. You cannot wear hats, scarves, or anything else. There is, however, one exception. If your religious beliefs state that you should wear something to cover your head at all times, you are allowed to bypass the rule. Nevertheless, your face should be visible from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin.

  • Adopt a neutral face – you are not allowed to smile or make any facial expressions. You should face the camera perpendicular for a better view of your face.

The bottom line is that the Uzbekistan visa photo size is not the only requirement that matters. You should also take into consideration the other guidelines so that you do not have to repeat the process of having your photo taken. As long as you follow the rules above, you should be just fine.

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