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Last updated: June 2022

If Africa is on your travel bucket list, Zimbabwe is a great destination to start exploring the continent. This landlocked country located in Southern Africa is home to one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, the Victoria Falls. Additionally, Zimbabwe’s many safari parks offer a variety of wildlife viewing experiences. But before you plan your trip, it’s important to check if you’re eligible for a Zimbabwe visa.

Fortunately, iVisa.com has collected the most up-to-date information about visas, entry requirements, or travel documents for Zimbabwe. Simply follow the online process for the Zimbabwe visa application, without any hassle or paperwork.

What is the Zimbabwe e-visa?

To eliminate long border queues, the Zimbabwe government has recently implemented an electronic visa application system for international travel.

You can apply for the Zimbabwe visa online. When approved, the document will be sent to you via email. All you have to do is simply print the document and present it upon entry to Zimbabwe. This visa is only valid for tourism or visiting family.

Do I need a visa for Zimbabwe?

Several nationalities need an e-visa for Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe offers 3 different types, category A, B, and C.

  • Category A: Travelers from countries in category A do NOT require a Zimbabwe visa. You will be granted a single entry visa at any border post.
  • Category B: Travelers from countries in category B are granted a Zimbabwean tourist visa upon arrival, on payment of requisite visa fees. You can also pre-apply for the Zimbabwe visa online on the Zimbabwean government website.
  • Category C: Travelers from countries in category C are required to apply for and obtain a Zimbabwe visa prior to their trip. You can apply for one online through iVisa.com.

Please check if you need a specific travel document for Zimbabwe through the handy visa checker and apply straight away!

How long is the Zimbabwean tourist visa valid for?

The Zimbabwe visa is valid for 90 days in Total from the moment of entry. Furthermore, you will have to start your trip in Zimbabwe within 90 days of the visa being granted. It’s possible to choose between a Single Entry or Double Entry visa.

What are the requirements to apply for a Zimbabwe tourist visa?

We require the following to submit your online visa application:

  • Passport validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry.
  • Airplane return ticket to your home country.
  • Proof of adequate funds to cover your intended stay in Zimbabwe.
  • At least one blank page in your passport.

Do I need a Zimbabwe visa if I’m transiting through the country?

All visitors with a short stopover in Zimbabwe that are traveling to another country as their final destination, will need to get a non-renewable transit visa online.

Please note, this is not the same as the visa issued for tourism. Contact your local Zimbabwe embassy or consulate for more information about the application process for transit visas.

How do I apply for the Zimbabwe travel visa online?

Applying for your Zimbabwe visa with iVisa.com is easy and reliable. Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Provide basic information about yourself, your contact details, and your trip by answering a couple of questions. Make sure you're applying for the right document or visa.
  • Step 2: After you have ensured that you have supplied all the necessary information and choose your preferred processing time, pay online for your Zimbabwe Visa using a credit or debit card.
  • Step 3: Finally, upload any required documents, and click ‘Submit.’

Once you’re finished with the process, our expert team will take care of your request, and you will receive a confirmation of your final travel document on the provided email address. We advise you to print all the documents and show these to immigration officials when necessary.

Please note that it is not possible to change any details on the e-visa once it's issued. If you realize you made a mistake before your visa has been issued, then please contact us ASAP via online chat or by sending an email to [email protected].

What are the costs and processing times of the Zimbabwe Visa?

The costs for the Zimbabwe visa vary, based on the departure date of your trip. On iVisa.com, you can choose any of the three processing times and corresponding fees below.

The government of Zimbabwe charges a fee of USD $30.00 for a Single Entry visa, and USD $45.00 for Double Entry. Applicants can pay for the visa service fee with a credit or debit card on iVisa.com.

  • Standard Processing Time: For those planning ahead, you can obtain your visa to enter Zimbabwe in 6 Business Days for a service fee of USD $56.99.
  • Rush Processing Time: This option takes just 4 Business Days for a fee of USD $98.99, and is ideal for travelers planning a last-minute trip.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: This is the fastest option and will suit anyone in a rush, as it takes only 2 Business Days for a service fee of USD $145.99.

Visiting Zimbabwe with minors

All travelers, including minors, have to apply for a Zimbabwe visa to enter the country. Traveling to other countries in Southern Africa with children may require additional entry permits or documentation. For further details on the supporting documents you might need for your trip, we encourage you to contact the Zimbabwean embassy.

View a sample of the Zimbabwe Visa

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COVID-19 requirements or restrictions

Regardless of destination, travelers should exercise increased caution when taking part in international travel. For further information about the implemented measures in Zimbabwe, read below.

Do I need to do a PCR-test or vaccination certificate to visit Zimbabwe?

If you’re unvaccinated and cannot show proof of vaccination, you need to obtain a valid negative test certificate of a PCR-test taken within 48 hours prior to the start of your trip.

You can visit Zimbabwe without doing a PCR-test if you're fully vaccinated with a proof of vaccination (2 doses) by means of one or more of the World Health Organization-approved vaccines.

Children under 5 are exempt from COVID-19 requirements.

  • Note: All travelers should validate their COVID-19 test result via the African Union Trusted Travel or UNDP Global Haven systems. These systems will generate a digital Trusted Travel reference code for your test result, which should be presented upon request.

Do I need to quarantine once I get to Zimbabwe?

There are currently no quarantine requirements in Zimbabwe.

Do I need to fill out a health form for Zimbabwe?

All travelers visiting Zimbabwe must fill in a track and trace form with their contact details on arrival.

What else should I keep in mind before traveling to Zimbabwe?

The following points should be kept in mind during the Zimbabwe travel visa application process:

  • Applicants are eligible to use the online visa services to visit Zimbabwe through the following border ports of entry:

    1. Beitbridge (from South Africa)
    2. Harare International Airport (air travel)
    3. Chirundu
    4. Plumtree
    5. Forbes - Mutare
    6. Nyamapanda
    7. Kariba
    8. Victoria Falls
    9. Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport
  • A proof of Yellow Fever vaccine is required if you’re traveling from a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission.

  • Credit cards aren't widely accepted in Zimbabwe, so make sure to bring enough cash to pay for your tours, transportation, and tips. You can pay with US dollars and South African rands in most places, but notes dated before 2003 are not accepted. High denomination notes may also not be accepted.

  • Please don't wear clothes with camouflage patterns or designs, the Zimbabwean government does not allow this. Visitors to Zimbabwe are urged not to wear or carry military-style clothing.

  • Please exercise increased caution when photographing people. Zimbabweans are friendly, but not everyone likes to be photographed. Taking photos of government buildings, military personnel, or government institutions is prohibited.

Where can I contact you with questions about visa services?

For additional information about other documents or the online application process for the Zimbabwe visa, contact us our expert customer support team or email us at [email protected]. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions!

Required Documents to Apply
  • Applicant's Photo

  • Passport Personal Details Scan

  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

  • Proof of Accommodation (if applicable)

  • Proof of Residence

  • Invitation Letter (if applicable)

  • Cover Letter (if applicable)

  • DVST Application Letter (if applicable)

  • Airline Confirmation (if applicable)

Important Instructions
  • The e-Visa is valid for 90 days after issued

  • Zimbabwe e-Visas take up to 6 Business Days (Monday to Friday) to be issued.

  • A proof of accommodation is required to obtain the travel document. The dates in this document MUST match the travel dates selected in the application. This is a requirement that is demanded by the government in order to issue the travel document.

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond your listed arrival date.

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