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How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?
iVisa | Updated on Jun 07, 2022

We know you're dreaming about Cambodia and its fascinating temples. Before you continue, check the requirements for the Cambodia eVisa. If your question is: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa? We have the answer! During the application, we will display the photo requirements. Then, you will have the option to upload your picture without any issues.

iVisa.com is the ideal platform to help you with your electronic visa to Cambodia. Trust us, and our experts will explain the required photo for your application. Check our FAQs and find out how to travel to Cambodia only with an online platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID-19 measures in Cambodia?

Although you don't need a COVID-19 vaccine certificate, it can help you skip the quarantine requirement. There isn't a testing requirement in Cambodia.

Travelers without a vaccine must quarantine for 7 days at a pre-booked hotel and take a rapid test on day 7.

Go to our FAQ section for the most recent news about health protocols in Cambodia. Remember that you may need the Cambodia eVisa, depending on your nationality. Check with iVisa.com whether you require an electronic visa or not.

We can help you with your question: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

What is the Cambodia eVisa and how is the application process?

The Cambodia eVisa is the official document that allows your entry to Cambodia. Comply with these steps to obtain it:

  • First: Complete the application form with your details.
  • Second: Double-check your information and confirm your information is accurate. Choose a processing speed.
  • Third: Pay with a credit or debit card and submit your application.

The Cambodia eVisa will arrive electronically in your email inbox soon. The travel document has a maximum validity of 90 days after issued and provides a Single Entry. The maximum stay in Cambodia is 30 days in Total. Make sure to keep hard copies of your electronic visa. Immigration authorities will request a copy upon arrival, and the other one is for your departure.

Let us help you with your question: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

What are the processing times and costs?

  • Standard Processing Time: 8 days - USD $97.99
  • Rush Processing Time: 6 days - USD $149.99
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 days - USD $212.99

Find the answer to your question: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

What are the requirements?

  • Valid passport: Send a scan of the details page.
  • Applicant photo.
  • Email address: We will send communications through email.
  • Payment method: Decide between a credit or debit card.

Check more details about your questions: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

Can I trust iVisa.com?

Positively! We have established strict security measures for all our services. We can handle your question: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

Explore our customer reviews page and confirm our excellent results.

Where can I find more details?

Get in touch with our customer support team, available 24/7. We can solve your question: How to upload a picture for Cambodia eVisa?

iVisa.com provides the ideal platform for your travel requirements.

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