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China began issuing 10-year visas (Tourist Paper) in 2014. Currently, iVisa only offers this service to citizens residing in the US. Those with a U.S. passport or residents of the U.S. are now able to obtain a 10-year visa for both tourism and business. This visa allows you to enter and leave China as many times as you want within the 10 year period. Please note that the maximum stay per visit is 60 days.

Unlike other visa services, our application streamlines the entire process as much as possible. Travelers must complete the online application form. After completion, our experienced staff will review the application and send the application in PDF format along with the Fedex shipping label. Applicants must print and sign the PDF application and schedule a Fedex pick-up. Applicants will simply send their passport, the signed PDF application and supporting documents (if required) to our office. Our service includes applying at the correct Chinese embassy/consulate and returning your passport (with the 10-year visa sticker attached) via Fedex. Please allow 10 business days to apply for the visa.

Tourist Visa — WHAT DO YOU NEED?


  • Driver’s License
  • Hotel Proof. If you are staying with a relative or a friend, a copy of their ID and an invitation letter from them expressing their willingness to support you during your stay in the country is required.
  • Digital passport photo.
  • Passport Scan. Applicant’s passport should have at least 6-months validity from the time of entry into China and at least two blank pages. If the expiry is within 12 months, the Chinese Consulate will only issue a 6-month visa.
  • Proof of travel.
  • A United States shipping address is required.


  • Two cover letters. The first one is a signed invitation letter from the company that you will be visiting and a copy of their Chinese ID (front and back) and the second one is a signed cover letter from your US-based company.
  • Sponsor’s ID.


  • The birth certificate of the minor
  • Maternal photo ID
  • Paternal photo ID

Tourist Visa Requirements for China

  • To apply for the China 10-year visa through iVisa you must be a citizen or resident of the U.S.
  • For 10-year multiple entry visas, the duration of stay (the number of days you can stay in China per entry) is 60 days.
  • If your passport expires in less than 10 years, all you have to do is bring your expired passport that has the sticker visa and show it along with your new passport. As long as all the information is the same on both passports you will be able to use the same visa. If the information changes (you get married and your name changes), you will need to apply for a new visa.
  • You cannot work on a 10-year China visa.
  • You must send your passport to our office as the Chinese embassy/consulates will affix the visa sticker to your passport.
  • Please note that your Fedex cost includes two shipments: shipping your passport to our office and return shipment with your passport and visa to your mailing address. We will provide Fedex shipping labels.
  • Super rush processing times for China Tourist visas are approximately 10 working days.
  • A United States shipping address is required.
  • For US citizens, China will issue a visa valid for multiple entries for up to 10 years by default, if the applicant’s passport is valid for more than 1 year. In some cases, and/or if the applicant’s passport is valid for less than 1 year, the visa may be valid for a limited number of entries (single or double) and for a shorter period (three months, six months or one year). As with all visas, the actual visa issued is at the discretion of the embassy/consulate.
  • For applications for business purposes, you must upload two cover letters. The first one is a signed invitation letter from the company that you will be visiting and a copy of their Chinese ID (front and back) and the second one is a signed cover letter from your US-based company.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, please provide documentation of your hotel booking. If you are staying with a friend or relative, please provide an invitation letter with your sponsor's ID.
  • If you wish to change visas in China (for example, from a tourist visa to a work/student visa) you can do so without leaving the country, but it will need to be done well before the expiration of your current visa. You will need to apply for this at the Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Administration Office or PSB.
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