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Grab your scuba gear, avid traveler. You’re heading to Greece. It might be the sophisticated white architecture of Santorini that attracts you the most. Whatever the case, getting to Greece is a breeze and we’ll guide you when it comes to obtaining your Greece ETIAS.

Obtaining the soon-to-be mandatory ETIAS to enter Greece is fairly simple—especially through

Normally, many non-EU countries grant their citizens visa-free entry into the Schengen countries and Schengen zone. Specifically, 63 third countries that are not members of the EU currently benefit from the visa waiver, or the Schengen visa, for entry into the Schengen zone.

Non-EU nationals of these countries are allowed to enter the Schengen zone for a limited period of 90 days for visiting or business purposes. However, during these 90 days, these eligible travelers are not permitted to work or study, although some trade and tourism activities may be conducted.

In addition, emerging security concerns regarding increased terrorism and migration flows have necessitated more efficient management of entry into the European Union. Over the years, however, the EU has consistently worked to improve security when crossing EU borders.

To reduce delays and processing times and to address border security challenges, the European Commission has developed a tool called ETIAS.

Read below all about how you can obtain your ETIAS Greece and visit Greece hassle-free, in just a few easy steps with

What is the ETIAS visa waiver and when will it go into effect?

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is a visa waiver program required to enter many European countries. It’s expected to go into effect by the end of 2022 to strengthen European security and Schengen Area borders.

It’s not a visa required to travel abroad like in many instances, so you won’t have to take the dreaded visit to an embassy or consulate. Instead, think of ETIAS as a pre-screening before travelers enter the Schengen zone.

Not to worry, Greece is already a pretty safe country to travel to. With the ETIAS visa waiver for Greece, you can travel peacefully knowing the chances of something outrageous happening is even lower.

What is the Schengen Area in the European Union?

In a nutshell, the Schengen Area is a bunch of European countries in cahoots to make travel between borders seamless.

Not every country in the European continent is part of the Schengen Area. Currently, there are 25 other Schengen countries that you can travel to with the ETIAS, 26 total including Greece.

For example, you can travel to Greece, Italy, and Spain without having to obtain multiple ETIAS. Just apply to ETIAS whenever required and set your destination to the first country you’ll be landing in. In this case, Greece.

If you’re planning on traveling to more European countries during your trip to Greece, here are the current 26 countries in the Schengen zone you can also travel to with the ETIAS travel document:

Austria, Italy, Slovenia. Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Finland, Malta, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Switzerland, Belgium, Latvia, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Slovakia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Sweden.

Who needs ETIAS to travel to Greece?

Currently, over 60 nationalities will require ETIAS to enter the Schengen zone at the start of the program.

Yes, current visa-free countries traveling to the Schengen Area will require ETIAS as well. That means if you originate from a country that currently doesn't require a visa to enter the Schengen Area, you will still be required to apply and obtain the ETIAS before traveling.

Remember, ETIAS isn’t a visa. If you're planning to travel to Greece for reasons other than tourism, business, medical, or transit, you’ll need to get a specific visa. Anyone traveling to study in Greece will need to apply for a specific visa too.

Greece ETIAS specific documents

The most important requirement to apply for the ETIAS to enter Greece is a valid passport with the passport number. Make sure the passport is valid throughout the entire trip within the Schengen zone. Secondly, an email address is needed to receive the electronic ETIAS. Don’t forget your email password! Lastly, a debit or credit card is needed to cover the small fee.

Here is some of the information you’ll need to provide when applying for the ETIAS authorization for entering Greece:

  • Full name (as it appears on the passport)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Nationality

How do I apply for the Greece ETIAS?

More details will be released regarding the specific application guidelines near the end of 2022. Everything will be done online, so nothing should be mailed. Additionally, you shouldn't need to go anywhere to apply like an embassy or consulate. The ETIAS to enter Greece is all electronic.

However, maintains a standard procedure when it comes to applying for your travel documents, this makes it easier for you, and you'll be done in less than 10 minutes:

  • Step 1- Apply online, fill out all of the required information, and double-check to make sure it is correct.
  • Step 2 - Choose your preferred processing option and pay the fee accordingly with your credit or debit card.
  • Step 3 - Sit back and wait for your Greece ETIAS to arrive by email and save a copy on your electronic device.

If we need any more information from you we will contact you via email. The ETIAS will arrive in the processing time you have chosen

How long will the ETIAS for Greece be valid?

Once approved, the ETIAS authorization will be valid for 3 consecutive years. If your passport expires before the three years, you’ll need to apply for a new ETIAS after you get your new passport.

The documentation will grant you up to 90 days in a 180-day period to stay and travel within Greece or the other participating countries. You can go in and out of any of the countries as many times as you’d like.

Once your Schengen area ETIAS expires, you’ll need to apply online for another one. You can’t extend the ETIAS.

How to know if my ETIAS will be approved or denied

Watchlists and security databases will be used to screen the Greek ETIAS applications including ETIAS watchlist, Interpol, and Europol.

Europol is the European Union’s law enforcement agency. They work to eliminate threats within the European Union. Apart from individual countries working to eliminate foreign threats as well, Europol remains a critical part of increasing Europe’s security. Some threats they investigate include terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and organized fraud.

Interpol works at a much larger scale in the European Union and abroad. They work with over 195 countries to help law enforcement from different countries better connect and exchange data. They’re who you need to contact if you’ve been a victim of a crime overseas.

Both Europol and Interpol will work together to create an ETIAS watchlist—this should help reduce international crime including terrorism.

Simply put, you shouldn't be worried about your trip to Greece being hauled by the ETIAS process… as long as you’re not an international criminal, of course. Further, ETIAS is an added tool to reduce illegal immigration.

Which countries will be required to apply for the ETIAS?

Traveling between the Americas and Europe was as easy as buying a plane ticket, landing at your destination, and an officer stamping your passport. Voila. Times are changing, however, and governments feel the need to increase security. At least with EITAS, the process is super simple and, in many cases, should take a mere 10 minutes or less.

All of the countries that don’t need a visa to travel to the Schengen area will now be required to have the ETIAS. Here is the current list, which will be updated periodically:

You can use our visa checker tool on the homepage to determine if your country's nationalities are required to apply for an ETIAS to travel.

Greece ETIAS fees and processing times

Visa-free travel to Europe was incredibly convenient since there were virtually no fees regarding getting a visa. The ETIAS will have a small fee, however. The fee for your ETIAS visa waiver for Greece should be announced sometime in 2022. Major debit and credit cards will be accepted. Rumor has it that it’ll be reasonably priced, and affordable for most travelers.

The processing time to receive your document varies depending on how fast you need the ETIAS, offers 3 different options to suit everyone:

  • Standard Processing - This option is perfect for anyone who is planning their trip in advance and has plenty of time to wait for the ETIAS to arrive.
  • Rush Processing - A little faster than the Standard option, less economic but you will get your document in no time.
  • Super Rush processing - This is the fastest delivery option, if you are in a rush and need your travel documents asap this one's for you.

Tips when traveling to Greece with the ETIAS visa waiver

Have all of your documents ready.

The first step to traveling abroad is always to have your passport active and ready to go. Make sure it's valid, has enough pages, and you haven't lost it.

Give yourself enough time.

Always try to apply for your Schengen area ETIAS visa waiver with ample time. Just imagine having to cancel your trip last minute because you forgot to apply for your ETIAS. Set a reminder, add it to your calendar, and be sure to apply for the ETIAS weeks in advance.

Take a printed copy with you when you travel.

Printing out documents seems old school. It is. But you never know what can happen along the way. A dead phone, a pickpocket, a forgotten email password. Anything's possible. Take a printed copy of the ETIAS visa waiver just in case.

Travel Hassle-Free With iVisa

Applying to and getting the ETIAS for entering Greece is easy peasy with You’ll get your travel document quickly, easily, and hassle-free. Simply complete an application form by entering basic information and selecting the type of processing option. Your documentation should be available in a jiffy. Check out our webpage for more details.


Do I need the ETIAS to travel to Greece?

Depends. If you live in a country where you don’t need a visa to enter Europe, the answer is yes. Otherwise, you probably need to get a visa before coming to Europe.

How much does the European visa waiver cost?

The price for the ETIAS hasn’t been announced yet.

How long does ETIAS last?

The ETIAS is valid for 3 years. You’ll need to apply for another ETIAS if your passport expires before that.

Do children need the ETIAS to travel to Greece?

Yes. Everyone who travels will need the ETIAS visa waiver.

Where can I learn more about the Greece ETIAS visa waiver?

If you have any questions about the Etias Greece or your Etias Greece application form, feel free to contact our customer support team at any time or via email at [email protected]. If you need a Greece visa to visit Greece it is advised to contact the Greek Embassy.

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