India Tourist Visa Processing Time

India Tourist Visa Processing Time

iVisa | Updated on May 26, 2022

Visiting India is easy now with the India Tourist eVisa. This official document allows your entry to India for tourism. The India Tourist Visa processing time is available with with three options. Opt for the 5-day speed if you have enough time to wait for your electronic visa, the 3-day offers a quicker service, and the 2-day is ideal if you’re in a rush.

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Luckily, you can have this electronic visa only with your internet connection and a few minutes to complete an online form. Our experts can solve your doubts about the India Tourist Visa processing time. Remember that you can have your travel document as fast as 2 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID-19 measures in India?

The Indian government doesn’t request a COVID-19 vaccination certificate for international travelers. However, it provides benefits for the testing requirement. For instance, unvaccinated travelers should take a PCR test a maximum of 3 days before arrival and display negative results. In India, there isn’t a quarantine requirement.

Head to our FAQ section for the latest news about health protocols in India. Also, check out more about the India Tourist Visa processing time.

How can I apply for the India Tourist eVisa?

Comply with these three steps:

  • First: Fill out the online form with your data.
  • Second: Review your application and correct any mistakes. Choose a processing speed according to your needs.
  • Third: Pay with a credit or debit card and submit your application.

Expect the Indian Tourist eVisa in your email inbox at the agreed time. Immigration authorities will request it at your arrival.

This electronic visa is available for 30 days, 1 year, or 5 years. Apply for the 1-year or 5-year visas between 120 days and 4 days before your arrival date. The 30-day visa allows the application between 30 days and 4 days before landing in India.

Continue learning about the India Tourist Visa processing time.

What are the processing times and prices?

The 30-day visa has these alternatives:

  • Standard Processing Time: 5 days - USD 55.25.
  • Rush Processing Time: 3 days - USD 85.25.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 36 hours - USD 120.25.

What do I need to start?

Collect the following requirements:

  • Valid passport: We need a scan of the details page. Check that your passport has one blank page.
  • Applicant photo.
  • Email address: We will communicate electronically.
  • Payment method: Pay for the digital service with a credit or debit card.

We can discuss the India Tourist Visa processing time. Trust us.

Can I trust

Of course! We have helped countless travelers with all types of travel needs. We know what you require for the India Tourist Visa processing time.

Go to our customer reviews page and confirm our excellent results. Our previous customers provide trustworthy testimonies.

Where can I find more details?

Communicate with our customer support team, available 24 hours a day. We can answer your questions about the India Tourist Visa processing time. can help you with your travel needs. Travel to India now with our support. Recommends

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