Mexico Visa for the citizens of Belgium

Mexico Visa for the citizens of Belgium

iVisa | Updated on Mar 31, 2022

As a Belgian national, you are not required to get a consular visa when you want to visit Mexico for your vacation. You do, however, need to obtain a Mexico tourist card, also called a Forma Migratoria Multiple. The card can be purchased online, and iVisa facilitates the process. You can have the document in just 30 minutes if that is what you wish.

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Mexico Visa for the citizens of Belgium – the requirements

Before completing the form, you must put together a few documents and pieces of information required for the operation. However, you do not need much. Only the following:

  • Valid passport – if you want to apply online for a Tourist card, you must assure that your passport has validity for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Mexico.

  • Airplane ticket – only if you travel to Mexico by air, you will need this requirement.

  • E-mail address – all information about your Tourist Card arrives via e-mail. Also, we recommend that you copy the FMM number in case your Tourist Card is lost.

  • Methods of payment – pay your application with a credit/debit card or even PayPal.

Mexico Visa for the citizens of Belgium – the online application form

Once you have everything necessary, feel free to access the application page and complete the form. The task at hand is easy to complete and in case you need help, you can contact iVisa’s customer support via online chat or phone. It is available 24/7 and entirely free of charge.

There are three steps you need to complete:

  1. The first one asks for your data, besides, you have to mention your means of travel and select a processing time for your application. As far as the latter is concerned, you are given three options, and the one you choose determines the amount of your Mexico tourist card. They are as follows:

    • Standard processing – it is inexpensive and it will take 24 hours, and the fee is USD 20.00.

    • Rush processing – your Tourist Card will be completed around 4 hours and the amount is USD 40.00.

    • Super Rush processing – this is the best choice for you if you need your visa in 30 minutes, and obviously the cost is USD 60.00.

Note that the prices above apply only if you travel by air and if you are planning to travel by land, you will need to pay another price like: USD 52.00, USD 72.00, and USD 92.00, respectively for each procedure time.

  1. In this part, all you have to do is to handle the payment and revise your application to assure that it does not contain any mistake.

  2. Lastly, the third step wants you to upload a few necessary documents that support your application. When you are done, click on the submit button, and We will handle the bureaucracy that follows.

The bottom line is that iVisa makes the process of getting a Mexico tourist card incredibly easy.

The card has validity for 180 days after arrival, it includes a stay of up to 180 days in Total, and you are granted a Single Entry.

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