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Mexico visa for the citizens of Slovenia

Mexico visa for the citizens of Slovenia
iVisa | Updated on Aug 18, 2022

The citizens of Slovenia, same as many other nationalities, can travel to Mexico without having to get a visa if their trip is for tourism purposes. On the other hand, you need to acquire a Mexico tourist card, otherwise known as a Forma Migratoria Multiple. The document is available with several airlines, or you can get it on arrival, but with iVisa.com, you can apply for it online before departure and have it approved in just 30 minutes.

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Mexico visa for the citizens of Slovenia – requirements

Getting a Mexico tourist card is not a demanding process. But you need to make sure that you have everything necessary. Fortunately, the list of requirements is not long. It only contains the following:

  • Valid passport – you cannot get a Forma Migratoria Multiple unless you hold a passport. Plus, the visa policy of Mexico requires that the passport should be valid for at least another 6 months from your date of arrival in Mexico.
  • Flight ticket – remember that this requirement applies only to tourists who decide to travel by air. The flight number is what matters. People who travel by car do not need a substitute document.
  • E-mail address – as you can imagine, when you apply online for your tourist card, the document arrives via e-mail in PDF format. You must remember to print it out before departure. We recommend more than one physical copy. Also, just in case your FMM gets lost or stolen, make sure to have the FMM number written down somewhere.
  • Means of payment – when you apply online, the payment must be made online too. As to that, iVisa.com is pretty flexible. You can pay using a credit or a debit card.

Mexico visa for the citizens of Slovenia – processing time and fees

The amount of money you spend on your Mexico tourist card depends on your means of travel and the processing timeframe you select for your application. As far as the processing is concerned, iVisa.com gives you three options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Here is what you can opt for:

  • Standard processing – this is the most commonly preferred option because it is the cheapest. Your application is processed within 24 hours, and you are charged only USD $30.49.
  • Rush processing – if you wish for faster processing, you can select this one. It takes 4 hours for your Mexico tourist card to arrive, and the fee is USD $53.99.
  • Super Rush processing – this time, your application is processed within just 30 minutes, but the fee gets a bit higher. You will be charged USD $88.99.

When you travel by car, the cost of your Mexico tourist card differs. You will be charged an additional $29 for each processing time.

The online application form

After all the requirements are met, you can access the application page and fill in the form. It should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete the task, but iVisa.com provides customer support 24/7 just in case you may need some assistance. The service does not charge.

As you will notice, the form consists of three simple steps. The first one is interested in your personal information, but this is also the point at which you must mention your means of travel and select a processing time for your application. The second step wants you to handle the payment and do a quick review of the information you provided, while the third is reserved for supporting documents. You will have to upload them. When you are done, click on the submit button, and iVisa.com will handle the rest.

The bottom line is that the citizens of Slovenia have easy access to a Mexico tourist card. You can use the document for a Single Entry, and it has a validity period of 180 days after arrival date in Mexico.

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