How Can Citizens of India Enter Saudi Arabia During Coronavirus

How Can Citizens of India Enter Saudi Arabia During Coronavirus

iVisa | Updated on May 05, 2022

Before you start planning your trip to Saudi Arabia, you should confirm the latest travel requirements. You must acquire the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration, a health declaration that will keep all your health information digital. Also, you must take a Covid test and have a vaccine certificate.

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Don’t worry! Because has all the details to support you with the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration and other health protocols. Learn about how can citizens of India enter Saudi Arabia during Coronavirus with us in our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a vaccination needed to enter the country?

Yes! The Saudi Arabian government is only allowing smooth entry to travelers with vaccine certificates. The Saudi Arabian government accepts the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.

Do I need a COVID-19 vaccine to enter Saudi Arabia?

No, you don't. COVID vaccination certificates are not mandatory to enter Saudi Arabia at this time. However, travelers will need to get a health insurance before arriving in this country.

For more information on up-to-date Saudi safety, vaccination status, and requirements, please check with your country's embassy or consulate.

Do I need a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Saudi Arabia?

  • COVID test requirements: There are no testing requirements.

Read further for info on how can help you with how can citizens of India enter Saudi Arabia during Coronavirus.

Will I have to quarantine when I get to Saudi Arabia?

  • Quarantine requirements: There are no quarantine requirements.

Our experts can discuss how can citizens of India enter Saudi Arabia during Coronavirus. Keep reading below.

What is the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration, and how do I apply?

The Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration is a mandatory document you need before your trip to Saudi Arabia. The application is simple and 100% online. You will only spend a few minutes completing health details.

The travel document is valid for up to 30 days and allows a single entry.

The application process goes as follow:

  • Step 1. Respond to the questions in the application form and choose a processing time according to your needs.
  • Step 2. Double-check your information for any errors. Pay with a credit or debit card.
  • Step 3. Attach any required documentation, if applicable.

Expect the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration and a QR code in your email inbox. Display the travel documents to health authorities and travel around Saudi Arabia.

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What are the processing speeds and fees?

  • Standard Processing time: 24 hours - USD 20.00
  • Rush Processing time: 8 hours - USD 35.00
  • Super Rush Processing time: 4 hours - USD 60.00

What are the application requirements?

Make sure to have these items:

  • Email address - We will send the documentelectronically.
  • Payment method - Choose between a credit or debit card. has all the answers for your question: How can citizens of India enter Saudi Arabia during Coronavirus.

Can I rely on

Of course! Our systems work with the highest security standards, which means your details are safe with us. Just check out our customer reviews section for confirmation.

Where can I find more information?

Get in touch with our customer care agents, who are available 24/7 for any doubts you could have and can answer any queries relating to how can citizens of India enter Saudi Arabia during Coronavirus. Recommends

We recommend visiting At-Turaif. It offers the perfect mixture between unique castles and Najdi landscapes. Located in Diriyah, At-Turaif is where the first Saudi dynasty was born and where you can find 300 years of Saudi history. Go to the Salwa Palace, the royal residence of the Saudi Arabian kingdom. The gorgeous Najdi architecture will take your breath away. Check the palace surroundings with alleys and mud-brick constructions. Don’t miss the palaces of Saad bin Saud and Nasser bin Saud that stand nearby. Also, you can explore the museums, such as the Arabian Horse Museum, Diriyah Museum, the Saudi Daily Life Museum, and the Military Museum. These exhibition spaces provide a broader conception of Saudi history.

Continue with Al Rahma mosque, located on the northern tip of Jeddah. The turquoise dome built on the Red Sea is anchored to the shore. It’s locally known as the ‘floating mosque’ as it suspends above the water. Check the open courtyard, the marbles, and the overall inspiring architecture. It’s easy to find Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, but you can also find people from all over the world.

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