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Schengen Visa requirements

iVisa | Updated on Jun 12, 2022

Whenever one plans a vacation to another country, the first thing that becomes a hindrance is the visa. At iVisa.com, we provide visa services to our customers so they can easily travel the world without impediments. We offer visa application services to our customers wherein they can apply for visas sitting comfortably at their houses. Visas play a major role when it comes to using them for traveling and exploring different places and countries. You can easily apply for a visa using the services provided by iVisa.com.

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While applying for a visa when you want to travel to any country, you need to know about all the requirements. If you are applying for any country in Schengen, you need to know about Schengen Visa requirements and accordingly how the visa application process takes place. There are a few basic requirements that need to be fulfilled when you are applying for a visa. A few documents are needed and the whole process of visa application needs to be completed. To get more information about the visa application process you can read further.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

What are the mandatory documents that I need to have for applying for a visa?

There are a few mandatory documents and Schengen Visa requirements that need to be fulfilled whenever you are going to apply for a visa. They are as follows:

  • Firstly, you need to fill in the visa form accurately. This form has to be filled by everyone who is traveling with you.
  • Then you need to provide us with a valid passport that has two extra pages. This should be applicable for the next 3 months
  • Then your professional passport size photograph is needed that should not be more than 6 months old. The photograph needs to be a recent one.
  • Then a document with your personal details like an employment letter is needed. This step is omitted in the case of students and retired people.
  • Your payment details are needed next, such as credit or debit card or a valid PayPal Wallet.
  • A bank statement from your bank is also required.
  • Lastly, valid travel insurance is required to fulfill all the criteria of the visa application form at iVisa.com.

How much price and time will be taken for the processing of the visa?

The visa price and processing time is secondary, the first step is to know about all the Schengen Visa requirements. Once you are equipped with all the knowledge related to that, you can choose among any three of these plans. They are:

  • Primary processing service time: This plan will get the work done within a considerable amount of time. The fees charged for this are not very high.
  • Rush processing service: With this plan, the visa process will be a bit faster. The amount for the same is a bit more.
  • Super rush processing service: This plan is best suited for people who want to get their hands on the visas within a few days only and are ready to pay the higher fees.

How to find more information related to applying for a visa?

To find more information about Schengen Visa requirements, and visa application online though iVisa.com, you can either visit the official website or get in touch with iVisa.com’s customer support portal and get the answers to all your questions.

Is it safe to apply for a visa with iVisa.com?

Once you know the Schengen Visa requirements you can safely apply for visa through iVisa.com. To know more about our privacy policies you can visit our website iVisa.com or can also read the reviews of our customers.

What are the steps to apply for a visa?

Firstly, you need to know about the Schengen Visa requirements to know about how to apply for visa through iVisa.com. Then, you can fill the visa application form and you will be guided to the further steps. You can also contact iVisa.com’s customer care portal and get all the relevant information from there.

Can I get my visa delivered to my place?

Yes, this is possible with iVisa.com. As we serve customers across the globe, we do offer these services to our customers. For more information and any queries, you can contact iVisa.com’s customer care portal.

What are the charges for applying for a visa?

To know about Schengen Visa requirements and the charges for applying for a visa with iVisa.com, you can contact iVisa.com’s customer care portal and solve all your doubts.

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