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South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda
iVisa | 4 min read | Updated on Jan 23, 2024

Traveling to South Sudan is easy now with the introduction of the South Sudan eVisa. This mandatory travel document for citizens of Uganda is available within the iVisa.com platform. The process is simple and will only take you a few minutes to complete. As a citizen of Uganda, you can enter South Sudan with your electronic visa.

We have displayed all the details you need about the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda in the following lines. Also, you will find details about traveling during COVID.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID guidelines in South Sudan?

Travelers from all nationalities must comply with the following measures:

  • Take a PCR test within 96 hours of entry to South Sudan. Show the negative results to health authorities.
  • The quarantine requirement isn’t mandatory for any traveler with a COVID vaccine certificate. However, travelers who took the PCR test must self-isolate for 7 days, and passengers without the test must do it for 10 days.

Remember to check our FAQ section in advance for any updates about COVID guidelines. Also, keep learning about the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda with us.

What is the South Sudan eVisa, and how can I apply?

The South Sudan eVisa is an electronic visa that permits your entry to South Sudan. The process is 100% online, and iVisa.com has all the tools to help you.

Make sure to follow these steps:

  • First: Complete the application form with your details and choose a processing time.
  • Second: Check your application and pay for the service with a debit or credit card.
  • Third: Attach the required documentation and apply.

We will send the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda electronically with specific instructions about its use.

What are the costs and processing times?

  • Standard Processing Time: Expect your travel document at a reasonable time. USD $202.05 - 7 days
  • Rush Processing Time: We can work faster on your travel requirements. USD $255.05 - 5 days
  • Super Rush Processing Time: The electronic visa will arrive as soon as possible. USD $330.05 - 3 days

Our team can tell you all about the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda.

What documents do I need to start?

Gather these requirements:

  • Valid passport.
  • Email address: Expect electronic communications from us.
  • Payment method: Pick between a credit or debit card.

Continue learning about the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda with us.

Can I rely on iVisa.com?

Absolutely! We have been working with online travel documentation for years. We know how to manage the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda. Trust us and travel soon.

Visit our customer reviews for more information about our safe services. Travel to South Sudan now!

Where can I find more information?

Contact our customer support team that is available 24 hours a day. We can answer any inquiry about the South Sudan eVisa for Citizens of Uganda.

iVisa.com has the right expertise to help you. Our years of experience are the best proof we can help you with this travel document.

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Explore Wau Cathedral, a Catholic religious center built in 1913. It’s a symbol of Christian missionary groups that helped South Sudan through the years. Its architectural design is impressive, and you can find gorgeous glass windows on the inside. Also, check the stone carvings, which are unique for the area.

Continue with the Dinka Cattle Camp or locally known as the Cattle Market. The Dinka is the largest tribe in South Sudan, and most of them remain nomadic pastoralists. Cattle are a determining factor in the status of families. Therefore, it’s common to hear that a bride’s price exceeds 400 cattle. Once you start exploring these camps, you can closely look at their lifestyle and activities centered around animals. Cows are a strong symbol in the country, and long-horned white bulls are considered sacred. If you’re in Juba, explore the cattle market in the city center for this experience. You will see how the tribe sells animals.

Another particular cultural activity you shouldn’t miss is wrestling at Bor’s Freedom square. Wrestling is a popular sport in South Sudan, and it’s common to see participants challenging each other in front of groups of people.

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