Passport Renewal - How Long Does It Take to Process?
iVisa | Updated on Dec 23, 2021

If your passport is expiring soon and you are planning to get your Passport Renewal, you must know Passport Renewal-how long does it take to process. Depending on the processing speed you choose, you can get your Passport Renewal in 4-6 weeks or 10 weeks.

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To apply online for a Passport Renewal, you can contact and take advantage of our unrivaled services. Our experts will review your application many times to provide you an error-free application.

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What is the process to apply for a Passport Renewal with

To get a stress-free and hassle-free Passport Renewal, utilize our services. You just have to complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out an Application Form online, upload your photograph, and make the payment.

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  • Step 2: Get your renewal kit through the mail and after signing it, drop it off at the nearest post office or mailbox.

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  • Step 3: Track your application process and learn about Passport Renewal-how long does it take to process. It depends on the processing speed you select. Get Started

To get more information about Passport Renewal-how long does it take to process, you can check the following questionnaire:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria for using this service?

To use this online service to Obtain Your Passport Renewal, you should be a US citizen holding a US passport and currently living in the United States. Also, you must meet other criteria as well:

  • Your name must be written correctly on your passport
  • You must be 16 years or above in age
  • Your current passport must be issued within the last 15 years
  • Your current passport must be in your possession
  • Your current passport has no damages Check requirements for Passport Renewal-how long does it take to process.

Do I have to send my current passport to

We don’t require your current passport for Passport Renewal. You just have to sign, pack, and ship the renewal kit that we send for Passport Renewal with your current passport inside. The renewal kit contains:

  • A DS-82 Form
  • A USPS envelope with postage
  • A Bank Cheque
  • A Printed Photo

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Can I get a refund if my Passport Renewal application gets rejected?

Yes, if your Passport Renewal application in the unlikely case gets rejected by the US government, you can get a complete refund of the processing fee of

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How much does it cost for a Passport Renewal?

The processing cost for Passport Renewal is a combination of the US government fee of $130 and the service fee of of:

  • Select Kit Shipping Time: Same Day Free Shipping (cut-off 2pm EST) for $72
  • Select Kit Shipping Time: 2 Day Free Shipping for $60
  • Select Kit Shipping Time: 4 Day Free Shipping for $40

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Is a secure option?

Yes, is a secure option to Apply for a Passport Renewal as we use advanced systems for security to store your data safely.

How can I resolve my queries?

To resolve your queries, you can contact our customer care executives or visit our website. Recommends

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