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iVisa | Updated on Dec 23, 2021

Is your passport expiry date coming soon? Are you looking for ways to renew your Passport? You can get Passport Renewals in person or through an online application. Passport Renewals in person is mostly needed when you cannot apply online.

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However, it’s better to apply online if you can as it will save your time and energy. You can contact and take advantage of our unrivaled services to obtain your Passport Renewal online. We offer our services to US citizens who are currently residing in the United States.

What are the steps to apply for a Passport Renewal with

You can use our services online. But if you are currently residing outside the US, you can apply for Passport Renewals in person only. For online services, you have to complete a few steps that are:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online form available on our website, upload your photo, and make the payment

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  • Step 2: Obtain your renewal with everything you need through the mail and drop it off at the nearest post office or mailbox after signing the form
  • Step 3: Track your application process at every step and receive your passport in the time as per the selection of your processing speed

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To learn more about Passport Renewals in person, you can check the section given below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria to use this service?

To use this service, you must be a US citizen holding a US passport and currently living in the United States. Additionally, you need to meet the eligibility criteria as well:

  • Your passport must be in good condition
  • Your passport has your name written correctly
  • Your passport must be issued within the last 15 years
  • You must be of 16 years or older
  • You must have your current passport If you are currently living overseas, you can apply for Passport Renewals in person only.

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Do I need to send my passport to

You don’t need to send your current passport to But you have to send your passport inside the renewal kit we send after signing it. The renewal kit has:

  • A USPS envelope with postage
  • A Printed Photo
  • A ready to sign DS-82 Form
  • A Bank Cheque

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What if my Passport Renewal application gets rejected?

If your Passport Renewal application gets rejected by the US government, you will get a complete refund of your processing fee of

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Can I get some information about the processing cost of a Passport Renewal?

Along with the payment of the government fee of USD 130, you need to pay the service charge of that depends on the processing speed you select:

  • Select Kit Shipping Time: Same Day Free Shipping (cut-off 2pm EST) for $72
  • Select Kit Shipping Time: 2 Day Free Shipping for $60
  • Select Kit Shipping Time: 4 Day Free Shipping for $40

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Is a safe option?

Yes, is a completely safe option to Apply for a Passport Renewal as we utilize advanced security systems to store your data safely.

Where should I get more info?

To get more info, you can visit our website or contact our customer care support 24/7. Recommends

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