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Vietnam Visa for Citizens of the UK

Vietnam Visa for Citizens of the UK
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Citizens of the UK are accustomed to relatively hassle free travel due to the simplified systems associated with many reciprocity agreements. However, British citizens do not qualify for a waiver of the standard 2-step process to enter Vietnam. The following article goes over some of the basic steps and fees for successfully navigating the Vietnam Visa Process.



How Much Does My Visa to Enter Vietnam from Great Britain Cost?

There are two steps in obtaining a Visa to visit Vietnam. The fee for the first part of the process is $30 and is payable to iVisa. It is critical, however, to recognize that this is only part of the process and that fees will also be payable once you arrive in Vietnam. Single entry visas cost $25 USD, and multiple entry visas cost $50 USD. These fees must be paid to the applicable government agents in Vietnam.

Is This Document Acceptable if I Don’t Fly Directly to Vietnam from the UK?

No, this travel document only applies to travelers arriving at a Vietnam Airport. Flying into an adjoining county and crossing the border by land requires different documentation. Please avail yourself of our 24/7 staffing to get all your questions answered, so you are sure to get the correct travel documents.

I Have Been Impressed With iVisa In the Past but Saw A Bad Review About Getting a Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

We strive to provide the ultimate customer experience, and we understand the power bad reviews can have when you are choosing a travel document provider. Some of the fundamental confusion about Vietnam travel documents comes from the 2-part process. We make every effort to ensure customers are aware that the document we issue is only one-half of the process and that additional steps and fees are necessary once the traveler enters Vietnam. Please peruse our webpage for UK Citizens obtaining Vietnam visas and scroll down to see our detailed explanation of the process.

How Do I Know That the Process Is Secure and Will Get Me What I Need?

At iVisa, we have chosen to use state-of-the-art methods for safeguarding our customer's data. We understand that there would be no faster way to ruin a vacation than to find out that a web purchase had compromised your financial or personal information.

If you need more information to ease your mind about our service, we encourage you to peruse the iVisa reviews at TrustPilot. The sheer number of reviewers will help to show how widely used our service is, and the overall 9.5/10 rating should reassure you that we are very, very good at what we do.


The 2-part process for obtaining a visa for Vietnam may seem daunting, but at iVisa, we walk you through the process. When you are still on British soil, you can obtain the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter through iVisa rather than having to go to the Vietnamese embassy. This preliminary document qualifies you to fly to Vietnam and obtain your final Vietnamese Government authorization. Fees apply to both parts of the process. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about obtaining permission to visit Vietnam on your British passport.

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