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Content updated, April 2023

Get your Pre Authorization of Entry with iVisa and receive your Angola eVisa on Arrival easily!

Do you want to visit Angola soon? Your first task will be assured you have the right travel documents and tourist visas to enter this amazing country.

Avoid any hassle and uncertainty for your upcoming trip to Angola. Instead, find the most up-to-date information about the process of your Angola visa application and other entry permits or travel documents needed on iVisa.

What is the Angola Pre Authorization of Entry?

The Angola Pre Authorization of Entry or Landing Authorization is the official travel document that you will need to present to receive the Angola eVisa on Arrival at one of the permitted ports of entry in Angola.

The application process for this document can be done 100% online! This pre-approval helps avoid long queues at the border and allows travelers to receive the Angola eVisa on Arrival to enter the country.

Start your application now!

What is the Angola eVisa on Arrival?

The Angola eVisa on Arrival is a single-entry eVisa to do family visits, tourist or business activities.

As a single-entry visa, you cannot leave Angola to visit other countries and then return. You will need to stay only in Angola during your whole trip.

Please note that this is not a work visa. Living and working in the country is not permitted with this travel document.

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In which ports of entry can I reclaim my Angola eVisa on Arrival with the Pre Authorization of Entry?

The Angola Visa on Arrival is only available to travelers that plan to enter Angola through one of the following ports and carry a valid passport:

  1. Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (Luanda)
  2. Mukanka-Lubango Airport
  3. Calai (Namibia border)
  4. Katuitui (Namibia border)
  5. Luau (Democratic Republic of the Congo border)
  6. Mucusso (Namibia border)
  7. Massabi (Republic of the Congo border)
  8. Santa Clara (Namibia border)
  9. Luanda Harbour

Which nationalities are eligible to apply for an Angola eVisa on Arrival?

Nationals of over 60 countries can apply for an Angola eVisa on arrival. The Angola Pre Authorization of Entry is also called a ‘Landing Authorization’. It does not automatically give travelers the right to enter Angola.

The immigration authorities at the airport may still decline your entry based on other immigration necessities or when they feel that the national interests or security of the country might be compromised.

How long is the Angola Visa valid for?

The Angola visa on arrival is valid for 30 days in Total. The pre-registration must be used within 60 days of being granted for your Angola e-visa.

You must have an approved Angola e-visa before traveling, or you may be denied entry.

Which documents do I need to provide in the visa application form?

The following documents and information are required to approve your Angola visa application:

  • You must hold a valid passport with at least 4 blank pages and a minimum of six months of validity.
  • Proof of hotel reservation or accommodation is required to obtain the travel document. In addition, the travel dates stated in this document MUST match the travel dates selected in the Angola visa application process.
  • Standard-sized applicant photo with white background.
  • Scan of your valid passport’s personal details page.
  • Medical proof of COVID-19 vaccination (if applicable).
  • Negative PCR test result (if applicable).
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination.
  • Airline return ticket confirmation.
  • Proof of livelihood or bank statement showing the equivalent of USD 200 for each day of stay in Angola.

Do I need an Angola Tourist Visa if I’m transiting through the country?

All visitors with a short stopover in Angola and traveling to another country as their final destination will need to get a non-renewable transit Angola visa. This transit e-visa must be used within 60 days and grant you up to five days of stay. This type of Angolan visa cannot be extended.

How do I apply for the Angola Visa online?

Simply follow the following three steps to use the Angola visa services of iVisa. Once submitted, our expert team will take care of your request and send the final Angola Pre Authorization of Entry document to the email address you provided during the application.

  • Step 1: Provide basic information about yourself and your trip by answering a couple of questions. Make sure you select the correct document (Pre Authorization of Entry) you wish to apply for.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve made sure you have provided all the necessary information, you just have to choose the preferred processing time for your Pre Authorization of Entry online. Pay the service fee using a credit or debit card.
  • Step 3: Finally, add the documents needed to apply for your Pre Authorization of Entry, and click ‘Submit.’

You will receive an email with a confirmation of your Pre Authorization of Entry. Once you arrive in the country, you need to show a printed version, together with any other required documents at the airport, and you can begin your journey.

What are the costs and processing times of the Angola Pre Authorization of Entry?

The Pre Authorization of Entry that includes the Angola Visa on Arrival costs USD 120.00, which must be paid upon arrival in cash.

Additionally, you have to pay the service fee of iVisa.com to process your pre-registration for the Angola Visa application form, which varies according to the processing time you choose:

  • Standard Processing Time: This option takes 8 days and is perfect for those who have planned their Angola trip far in advance. The service fee for this option is USD $18.99.
  • Rush Processing Time: Leaving in a few days? Get your Angola visa pre-registration in just 6 days for a fee of USD $34.99.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: If you need your Angolan visa urgently, choose this option, which takes only 4 days for a service fee of USD $58.99.

Traveling to Angola with children

An Angola Pre Authorization of Entry is required for all children traveling without one or both parents. The parent or legal guardian needs their own application for the Angola Pre Authorization of Entry.

How does the Angola Pre Authorization of Entry look like?

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Can I change the information on the Pre Authorization of Entry after it’s been issued?

No, we cannot change any details on the Pre Authorization of Entry once it's issued. If you do, however, realize you made a mistake before your visa was issued, then please contact us ASAP via online chat or by sending an email to [email protected].

COVID-19 requirements or restrictions

Travel during COVID-19 is never risk-free. The country of Angola may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example, due to a new COVID-19 variant. Therefore, make sure you are aware of any changes that may cause your trip to be delayed.

Do I need to take a COVID-19 test before traveling to Angola?

Only unvaccinated travelers are required to have a PCR-test with negative results taken no more than 48 hours before departure.

Do I need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate to enter Angola?

Yes. COVID vaccine or vaccination certificates are required for all travelers aged 12 and over.

Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Angola travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

Do I need to quarantine in Angola, even with an Angola visa?

There are no quarantine requirements.

How can I contact iVisa?

You can contact us through our customer support team if you have any questions regarding your tourist visa or via email at [email protected]. We are available to answer your questions 24/7.

Required Documents to Apply
  • Applicant's Photo

  • Passport Scan

  • Medical proof of COVID-19 vaccination (if applicable)

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Airline Confirmation

  • Bank Statement

Important Instructions
  • To get your Angola eVisa on Arrival at the airport in Angola, first, you need to apply online for a Pre Authorization of Entry prior to your trip.

  • At iVisa, we help you get your Pre Authorization of Entry so you can easily receive your Angola eVisa on Arrival at the airport.

  • Once you apply with us, we will send your Pre Authorization of Entry via email, so you can bring it to the airport with all the documents you will need to receive your eVisa on Arrival.

  • The Angola eVisa on Arrival is a single-entry visa and is valid for 30 days after arrival.

  • The maximum length of stay in Angola with this eVisa is 30 days in Total.

  • With the eVisa on Arrival, you can visit your family members or do tourist and business activities in Angola.

  • You can’t work or live in Angola with the eVisa on Arrival.

  • The cost of the Pre Authorization of Entry to get the Angola eVisa on Arrival is $120 USD, which must be paid upon arrival.

  • Nationals from 60 countries can apply for an Angola eVisa on Arrival. Check if you are eligible to apply here.

  • The Angola eVisa on Arrival is only available for travelers that plan to enter Angola through one of the following ports: Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Mukanka-Lubango Airport, Calai Border, Katuitui Border, Luau Border, Mucusso Border, Massabi Border, Santa Clara Border, Luanda Harbour.

  • iVisa is a legitimate company, accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For more information, see the FAQs below.

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There is nothing to worry about because you only need to communicate with our customer service team to find a solution. They will help you with a few options. Our experts are available 24/7.

The iVisa experts will carefully review your documents and all the information you put on the application to make sure there are zero errors before it reaches the Angolan government. Still, authorities could find reasons to cancel or reject your digital application. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the iVisa processing fee for the number of rejected applicants. The Angolan government won't refund their fees.

You can still reapply with iVisa and obtain the Angola eVisa on Arrival at one of the permitted ports of entry in this country.

It will depend on the stage of your application. If your Angola Visa hasn't been issued yet, you can still modify your application. However, you should be quick and contact our customer service team immediately. In case the Angola Visa has already been issued, there is nothing we can do. You will need to submit a new application.
There is a great chance you will enter Angola after getting the Angola eVisa on Arrival. However, the travel document doesn't ensure automatic entry. Immigration officers could refuse entry for several reasons, including security and non-compliance with entry requirements, among others. Always keep all the official documents on hand to display to airport officers easily.

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