Kenya Visa for U.S. Citizens

Kenya Visa for U.S. Citizens
iVisa | Updated on Aug 24, 2019

Are you a U.S. citizen looking to experience life in different countries? Traveling abroad is an incredible way to learn more about the way others live and can offer rewarding memories and experiences. One of the most unique and interesting places a U.S. citizen can visit is Kenya.

Life in Kenya is very different from traditional American life, and this trip can be an educational and moving experience for any American. To visit Kenya, though, there are some important documents you’ll need to obtain before taking your trip.


What Type of Documentation is Needed to Enter Kenya?

To enter Kenya, you’ll need a valid physical or electronic tourist visa approved by the Kenya Department of Immigration. A traditional, physical visa is great, but the process of obtaining one can be more complicated and lengthy than applying for an electronic visa.

An e-Visa into Kenya is an excellent alternative for travelers who want to carry less physical paperwork or who want to obtain a visa rapidly. A valid e-Visa can be obtained online from a credible visa procurement service like the highly trusted

In addition to the electronic visa, travelers will need a passport and valid photo ID (minimally).

How Long is an e-Visa Good for?

The length of your e-Visa’s lifespan depends entirely on the country you’re visiting. In this case, a Kenya e-Visa for a U.S. citizen will expire 90 days after your visa’s start date.

When you order an e-Visa through, your start day will begin on the first day of your trip, so that you don’t lose valuable time on the duration of your electronic visa into Kenya.

Can I Re-Enter Kenya on the Same e-Visa?

No, unfortunately, your Kenya e-Visa is only good for one entry. There’s no way to re-enter the country on the same e-Visa.

How Will I Receive My e-Visa?

The way you’ll receive your electronic visa will vary depending on the online service you utilize. Most e-Visas, however, are delivered via email.

iVisa always delivers their e-Visa via email to ensure maximum security. You can request a new email if you happen to lose your electronic visa, simply by calling their customer service.

Is Ordering an e-Visa a Secure Process?

Like any online process, security is always an issue, particularly when ordering a visa. Many visa services offer bulk visa processing, where you and the other applicants for a country will receive a visa with multiple people’s information on it. While this information is not sensitive or confidential, it can make many nervous.

To avoid this, go to iVisa for the most secure and confidential e-Visa process. You’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is protected and not viewable by others.

Prepare for your trip abroad to Kenya by applying for an electronic visa through iVisa. Receive your e-Visa in as little as 24 hours and get back to planning the more exciting parts of your trip.

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