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The ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) is an electronic travel authorization required for all travelers who want to visit the Schengen Zone and who are allowed to enter without a visa. The ETIAS is part of a completely electronic system that enables officials to better monitor travel within the Schengen area. The ETIAS is valid for three years or until the expiration of the holder’s passport.

All citizens of the 62 countries who are able to enter visa-free into the Schengen Zone will be obliged to obtain ETIAS authorization before entering any country in this zone.

To get your ETIAS, you’ll need to fill out our short online application and provide personal information, number of passport or other travel document, and name of the first Schengen Zone member state you will enter.

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your travel authorization by email. We recommend saving both an electronic and hard copy to show to airport officials prior to boarding.

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Lithuania lies in the Baltic region of Europe. Being one of the Baltic states, you will find Lithuania to the eastern shore of the Baltic sea, while to its southeast lies Sweden and to east Denmark, Latvia lies to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast in Russia to its southwest. For the most part, Lithuania is a solitary strip of sand dunes that extend for about 60kms or so, wooden crosses, and a vibrant and cheerful capital city that comes across as being built in the 17th century. Lithuania is eclectic and quirky and offers a unique experience to everyone who comes for a visit. The climate in Lithuania is ideal throughout the year despite it having four distinctive seasons. All in all, the country is distinctively picturesque and beautiful and is an ideal holiday destination for everyone. The strong essence of the unique culture and heritage will rub off on you. You are sure to have a fun time here.

The vibrant city of Vilnius, which is the capital of Lithuania, embodies the historic crux of the country. Vilnius is lined with an array of bright baroque houses, gorgeous alleyways, and colorful churches which are all built around serene courtyards. Walking through the alleys of Vilnius is an extremely eye-pleasing experience and the aesthetics will make you fall in love with the place right away. You will find several energetic and lively pubs and bars as well as romantic hidden terraces and restaurants. There are also several designer boutiques and fine-quality handicraft stores. An interesting place in the northern central part of Lithuania is the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai. It is remarkable and you will not know from where to start. This man made monumental architecture displays over a thousand crosses that have been left in this place by pilgrims, tourists or visitors, and even newlyweds on the day of their wedding. The crosses are of different sizes from big pieces to smaller ones, some are wooden and intricately carved while others are purchased from the local souvenir stores. Some crosses tell their stories while some have messages and names attached to them. In this single place, you can come face to face with a thousand different stories. The southern stretch of the Lithuanian coastline is narrow and long, the Curonian Spit is also a place you will need to visit. This strip of the coastline is topped by sand dunes and pines and little charming villages which make it look like a painting. To even stay here is an experience so amazing that you will want to come back another time.

You must also visit the Trakai Historical National Park which is a combination of the natural scenic beauty of several interconnected lakes and rich knowledge of Lithuanian history. Here you will have to cross a small footbridge in order to get to the restored gothic island castle that sits by the Lake Galve. This will give you a fair insight into the history of the place, dating all the way back to the 14th century. The Trakai History Museum narrates the tale of the castle and showcases a collection of medieval weaponry. You can also walk along the shoreline or hire a pedal boat to explore the waters of the lake and be in closer contact with nature. Visits to foreign destinations are incomplete if you don’t try the local food, the same goes for Lithuania as well. You cannot give up on trying the delicious food of the place. One of the main courses here includes cepelinai which is also called zeppelin because of its ovular shape. These are big dumplings made of potato, stuffed with meat and sometimes even with curd cheese. They are served with sour cream and crispy bits of bacon which are cut into cubes. You must also taste saltibarsciai, which is a cold soup of minced beets, cucumber, dill, and a hard-boiled egg. There are also several festivals and cultural events that you can be a part of or witness almost all year round. You can rest assured that your trip to Lithuania will be a fun one.

To visit the country you also must acquire a basic knowledge of the documents you are going to need when visiting Lithuania. The foremost is the Lithuania ETIAS which is a very crucial document that is required to enter the country. The ETIAS stands for European Travel Information Authentication System which is an online system that allows the government to keep a record of those who enter the country to therefore enforce the safety of everyone. You must get hold of this document in order to visit Lithuania. You can visit where you can find lots more of the key details regarding the Lithuania ETIAS process and the requirements of the document. The best part is that you can now be free from the hassle of running back and forth to the embassy and get your Lithuania ETIAS visa waiver online from the comfort of your home, workplace or ideal location with the help of offers a simplified process that makes it so easy for you to apply for the document in the first place. The process merely consists of a few basic steps and information that you need to provide along with some documents and you will be good to go. To find out more about the Lithuania ETIAS and other information related to it, you can visit You can also read client reviews on the website to find out more about us. Your documents will remain absolutely safe in our custody. In addition, we are always available to help you with whatever doubts and questions that you may have regarding the whole process. Once you apply for your document online, you can leave the rest to us and plan your trip. We can’t wait to hear your unique travel story!

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