Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens: Apply for the Visa Now
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Embarking on a remarkable journey to Saudi Arabia is no longer a distant dream for Indian citizens. The breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, and cultural treasures of this Middle Eastern gem await your discovery.

This is a comprehensive guide to obtaining a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia, specifically designed for Indian passport holders. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a history enthusiast, or simply eager to immerse yourself in a new culture, Saudi Arabia offers an extraordinary experience that should not be missed.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the Saudi Arabia tourist visa application process and equip you with the essential information to explore this captivating destination.

What is the Saudi Arabia Visa for Indian Citizens?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens is a travel document that allows Indian passport holders to enter Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. It grants Indian citizens the opportunity to explore the country's landscapes, historical sites, and cultural heritage. The visa is typically valid for up to 90 days, but the duration may vary. Eligibility criteria, supporting documents, and Saudi arabia visa fees apply.

Apply for the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa to embark on a remarkable journey and discover the wonders of Saudi Arabia.

Do citizens of India need a visa to visit Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Indian passport holders traveling to Saudi Arabia must obtain a visa before their trip. Unlike visa-exempt countries, India does not fall into this category, making a valid visa mandatory for entry.

A Saudi visa is an official document that permits the holder to enter the country legally. Without a valid visa, you will be unable to board your flight and will be denied entry by immigration officers upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. In such cases, you would be deported back to India and required to apply for the appropriate visa before attempting to travel to Saudi Arabia again.

Ensuring you have the correct visa is crucial to avoid any disruptions or complications during your journey.

What type of Saudi Arabia visas are available for Indian Citizens?

Various types of Saudi Arabia visas are available for Indian citizens depending on the purpose of their visit. Here are some common Saudi Arabia visa types:

  • Saudi Tourist Visa: This visa allows Indian citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes, such as exploring historic sites, leisure activities, or attending cultural events. It is typically valid for a specified duration, usually up to 90 days.

If you need this visa you can apply here now.. We will help you and guide you during the process.

  • Saudi Arabia business visa: Indian citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia for business-related activities, such as attending meetings, conferences, or exploring business opportunities, can apply for a business visa. The duration of stay varies depending on the specific business needs.

  • Work Visa: If Indian citizens have secured employment in Saudi Arabia, they must apply for a work visa sponsored by their employer. This visa permits them to work and reside in the country legally.

  • Student Visa: Indian students pursuing education in Saudi Arabia must obtain a student visa, whether at universities or educational institutions. This visa allows them to study and reside in the country during their academic program.

  • Hajj or Umrah Visa: Indian citizens intending to undertake the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj or Umrah in Saudi Arabia must apply for a specific visa for these purposes. These visas are issued exclusively for religious pilgrimage and have specific validity dates aligned with the pilgrimage season. We also offer the Saud Arabia Umrah Visa, use our handy visa checker to see if you are eligible.

For the above visas that we dont offer on our platform, we recommend contacting the Saudi Arabia Embassy nearest to you.

Am I eligible for getting a Saudi Arabia visa in India?

Yes, as an Indian citizen, you can apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa in India. Saudi Arabia welcomes visitors worldwide, including Indian passport holders, who wish to explore the country for tourism purposes.

While Indian citizens can apply for a Saudi visa, it is essential to note that not all Indian citizens are eligible.

To be eligible for a Saudi Arabia visa, Indian citizens must meet the following criteria:

  1. Valid Visa for the USA, United Kingdom, or Schengen Country: Indian citizens must be valid visa holders for the USA, United Kingdom, or a Schengen country.

  2. Visa Validity: The visa must remain valid at the time of arrival in Saudi Arabia.

  3. Tourist or Business Visa: The visa obtained for the mentioned countries should be a valid tourist or business visa.

  4. Utilized Visa: The visa must have been utilized or used to enter the issuing country at least once.

  5. Entry Stamp: The passport must bear an entry stamp from the issuing country.

  6. Arrival on National Air Carrier: Indian citizens must arrive in Saudi Arabia on a national air carrier such as Flyadeal, Saudia, Flynas, or SaudiGulf.

  7. Payment Method: It is necessary to have an international credit card or MADA to pay the visa fees.

These criteria determine the eligibility of Indian citizens for a Saudi visa on arrival. However, it is important to verify the current requirements and conditions with the Saudi embassy or consulate in India, as eligibility criteria may be subject to change.

If you want more information about your travel to Saudi Arabia, please click here

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa fee: Cost of the Visa for Indian Citizens

We offer you a standard service for USD $313.99 ( ₹22,678.31), which includes USD $110.00 (₹9,595.04) as Saudi Arabian government fees.

The gov fee is USD $110.00 (10.5 USD Application, 81 USD Visa Fee, 10.5 USD Medical Insurance Service Fee, 8 USD Medical Insurance Fee) and it should be paid online.

By choosing our visa services, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Our commitment to 100% Government Compliance: The iVisa team diligently reviews each answer you provide on the form to ensure it complies 100% with the government requirements.

  2. **Unlimited Access to your iVisa eExperts team¨¨: At iVisa, we assign you a dedicated group of iVisa group of experts who will guide you throughout the application process, addressing any questions or concerns.

  3. Simplified Form: Unlike the Embassy website's confusing and lengthy questionnaire, iVisa offers a simplified form with clear and concise questions. It's as straightforward as filling out a short survey.

  4. Flexible Form Completion: With our iVisa platform, you can fill out the form at your own pace, edit whenever necessary, and save your progress. You won't have to start from scratch every time you take a break, unlike the embassy website which doesn't offer this convenience.

  5. Comprehensive Manual Guide: Once you submit your application, weiVisa provides you with a comprehensive manual guide. This valuable resource contains tips to tackle challenging sections and offers a step-by-step walkthrough to help you obtain your visa smoothly and without complications.

  6. Your Security is Our Priority: At iVisa, we prioritize your safety. We have implemented a robust security system to safeguard your personal information throughout the entire application process. For added peace of mind, we encourage you to visit our reviews section and read what our past customers have shared about their experience with our services. We are confident you will find their feedback reassuring and positive.

How long is the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa valid For Indian citizens?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Indian citizens offers two types of durations:

  • Single-entry: This visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance and permits a stay of up to 90 days in the country.

  • Multiple-entry: This visa is valid for 1 year after issued and allows multiple entries into Saudi Arabia. Each stay within the country is limited to up to 90 days Per Entry.

At iVisa we only offer the multiple-entry option. It is crucial to adhere to the specified validity period and ensure compliance with the visa conditions during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

What is the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa processing time in 2023 for Indian citizens?

Your visa application is processed within 30 days with our standard service.

It’s essential to notice that the processing time for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa can depend on several factors, including the volume of applications, the completeness of documentation, and the efficiency of the visa processing system at the time of application.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa application: How to Apply with us in India

To apply for the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Complete our user-friendly iVisa form, providing your travel details and necessary information. Download our app for an even more accessible process and apply from your phone. Our team will carefully review your application before we submit it, and supporting documents to ensure accuracy and consistency. If any issues arise, we will contact you via email to resolve them before proceeding.

  • Step 2: Visit the Embassy or designated Application Center with the required documents.

  • Step 3: Await the response from the Embassy. Once your visa is approved, you will receive it, enabling you to finalize your travel preparations.

Our streamlined process aims to make the visa application procedure hassle-free and convenient, ensuring you are well-prepared to embark on your journey to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Desert Landscape

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa requirements for Indian citizens

When obtaining a visa from the Saudi embassy, it's important to know the stringent visa application process. The embassy maintains strict standards, and any missing or incorrect documents can lead to a visa rejection. Therefore, ensuring that all required documents are accurately prepared and submitted is crucial.

We provide a user-friendly online platform where you can fill out the necessary forms, submit the required documents, and track the progress of your application. Our team of experts will review your application to ensure it complies with the government's requirements, minimizing the risk of errors or omissions that could lead to a visa rejection.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa requirements for children of citizens of India

To apply for a visa, only Indian citizens who are 18 years or older are eligible. If the applicant is a minor, parents or guardians must apply on their behalf and provide the necessary documents. The following requirements apply:

  • Minor traveling alone:
  1. A certified letter of consent from BOTH parents is required.

  2. The letter should state consent for the minor to travel alone.

  3. Include copies of both parents' identification documents.

  • Minor traveling with ONE parent:
  1. A certified letter of consent from the other parent is necessary.

  2. The letter should state consent for the minor to travel with one parent.

  3. Include a copy of the non-accompanying parent's identification document.

Birth certificate:

  1. Provide a copy of the unabridged birth certificate when applying for the visa.

  2. Carry the unabridged birth certificate when traveling.

Parents or guardians can facilitate the visa application process for minors by ensuring compliance with these requirements.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa passport requirements for citizens of India

When applying for a Saudi Arabia visit visa as an Indian citizen, it is important to ensure that your original passport meets the following entry requirements:

  • Validity: Your passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months from the time of visa application.

  • Blank pages: At least two blank pages must be available in your passport.

  • Page orientation: The blank pages should face each other in the passport.

  • Entry validity: The passport must also be valid for at least six months when entering Saudi Arabia.

Adhering to these requirements will help ensure a smooth visa application process and facilitate your entry into Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa photo requirements for citizens of India

When applying for a Saudi visit visa as an Indian citizen, it is important to ensure that the passport-sized photographs meet the specified requirements:

  1. Quantity: You must provide a minimum of TWO passport-size photographs.

  2. Background: The background of the photographs should be white.

  3. Size: The Saudi Arabia visa photo size should be 2 inches x 2 inches (5cm x 5cm).

  4. Face Visibility: The photograph must clearly show your full face, with your eyes visible.

  5. Attachment: The photographs should be attached or stapled loosely to the filled visa application form.

Adhering to these specifications will help ensure that your visa application is in compliance with the Saudi Arabian embassy's requirements.

Our online photo service saves you time and effort in searching for professional photographers or photo studios. With just a few clicks, you can have a flawless passport-sized photograph generated and ready for your Saudi Arabia visa application.

Necessary documents for the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Indian citizens?

To apply for a Saudi visit visa for Indians in 2023, there are certain requirements and documents that need to be submitted. Here is a list of the documents needed for the application process:

  1. Age requirement: You must be 18 years or older to be eligible to apply for the Saudi visit visa.

  2. Valid passport: A valid passport is required with a minimum validity period as per the Saudi Arabian authorities.

  3. Passport-size photographs: Two recent passport-size photographs must be submitted along with the application.

  4. Visa application form: Fill out the application form completely and accurately.

  5. Personal details: Provide personal information, including your address, phone number, and email address.

  6. Return flight ticket: Submit a copy of your confirmed return flight ticket.

  7. Accommodation proof: Provide proof of accommodation arrangements in Saudi Arabia, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter from a sponsor.

  8. Financial proof: Submit proof of sufficient finances to cover your expenses during your stay, such as bank statements or other relevant financial documents.

  9. Employment proof: If applicable, provide evidence of employment such as pay slips or a letter from your employer.

  10. Travel insurance: Obtain travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and repatriation.

  11. Invitation or cover letter: If you have an invitation letter or a cover letter from a sponsor, include it with your application (if applicable).

It's important to note that additional documents or requirements may be requested depending on the specific circumstances of your application.

My Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa application was denied. What should I do?

If your Saudi Arabia tourist visa application has been denied, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Review the denial letter: Carefully read the denial letter provided by the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate. It should outline the specific reason(s) for the denial.

  2. Seek clarification: If the denial letter is unclear or you have questions about the rejection's reasons, consider contacting the embassy or consulate for further clarification. They may provide additional information or guidance.

  3. Assess the reason for denial: Once you understand the denial, evaluate if it is something you can address. Common reasons for visa denials include incomplete documentation, insufficient financial proof, or concerns about the purpose of the visit. If possible, take steps to rectify the issue before reapplying.

  4. Reapply if eligible: If you believe you can address the reason for the denial, you may choose to reapply for the Saudi Arabia tourist visa. Ensure you have gathered all the required documents and addressed any concerns from the previous application. Pay close attention to the embassy's guidelines and requirements.

  5. Seek professional assistance: If you encounter difficulties in understanding or addressing the reason for the denial, consider seeking professional assistance. Immigration lawyers or visa consultants can provide guidance and support to navigate the application process and improve your chances of success.

Remember to remain patient and persistent throughout the process. Visa denials can happen for various reasons, but with proper preparation, understanding, and our assistance, you can increase your chances of obtaining a Saudi Arabia tourist visa.

More questions about the Saudi Arabian Tourist visa?

If you need more information about getting your Saudi Arabian Tourist visa, please contact our 24/7 customer service team via online chat or email at [email protected]. We're here to make your travel experience easy and stress-free.

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