Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Sudanese Citizens: Apply for the Visa Now
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Saudi Arabia Sanwa Palace

Are you a Sudanese citizen with an insatiable curiosity to explore the wonders of Saudi Arabia? Look no further as we bring you a comprehensive guide to obtaining the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, opening doors to a world of captivating experiences.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Saudi Arabian heritage, delve into ancient history, and marvel at architectural marvels. We will walk you through the process, providing valuable insights and essential documents to ensure a seamless visa application.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the Saudi Arabia tourist visa application process and equip you with the essential information to explore this captivating destination.

What is the Saudi Arabia Visa for Sudanese citizens?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Sudanese citizens is a travel document that allows Sudanese citizens to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. This visa grants entry to Saudi Arabia for a specified period, allowing Sudanese visitors to explore the country's cultural heritage, historical landmarks, natural wonders, and modern attractions.

Do citizens of Sudan need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Yes, citizens of Sudan require a visa to visit Saudi Arabia. Sudanese citizens must obtain a visa before traveling to Saudi Arabia for any purpose, including tourism, business, or family visits.

What type of Saudi Arabia visas are available for Sudanese citizens?

Sudanese citizens have access to various types of visas to visit Saudi Arabia, depending on the purpose of their visit.

  1. Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa: Individuals visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism and leisure purposes.

  2. Saudi Business Visa: For individuals traveling to Saudi Arabia for business-related activities, such as attending meetings, conferences, or conducting negotiations.

  3. Saudi Arabia Work Visa: For individuals who have secured employment with a Saudi Arabian company and are traveling to Saudi Arabia for work purposes.

  4. Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa: For individuals who have immediate family members (spouses, parents, children, or siblings) residing in Saudi Arabia and wish to visit them.

  5. Saudi Arabia Residence Visa: For individuals who intend to live and work in Saudi Arabia for an extended period. An employer or a Saudi citizen typically sponsors this visa.

  6. Saudi Arabia Student Visa: For individuals who have been accepted into an educational institution in Saudi Arabia and wish to pursue their studies there.

  7. Saudi Arabia Hajj Visa: For Muslims traveling to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, one of Islam's Five Pillars.

  8. Saudi Arabia Transit Visa: For individuals transiting through Saudi Arabia to reach their final destination. This visa allows for a short stay in the country.

Am I eligible for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa in Sudan?

As a Sudanese citizen, you can apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa in Sudan. Saudi Arabia welcomes visitors worldwide, including Sudanese passport holders, who wish to explore the country for tourism purposes.

While Sudanese citizens must apply for a Saudi visa, it is essential to note that to qualify for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, Sudanese citizens must meet the following criteria:

  • Valid passport: The applicant's Sudanese passport must be valid for at least six months before entry into Saudi Arabia.

  • Age requirement: Applicants must be 18 years or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • Travel details: Applicants must provide a roundtrip ticket and travel itinerary.

  • Proof of employment: Applicants must provide proof of work.

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Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa fee: Cost of the visa for Sudanese citizens

We are pleased to offer you our standard service package for USD $313.99, which includes USD $110.00 as Saudi Arabia government fees.

How long is the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa valid for Sudanese citizens?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Sudanese citizens offers two options for durations:

  1. Single-entry Visa: This visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance. It allows the holder to stay in Saudi Arabia for a maximum duration of 90 days. Once the visa holder exits Saudi Arabia, the visa becomes invalid.

  2. Multiple-entry Visa: This visa is valid for o1 year after issued. It permits multiple entries into Saudi Arabia during that period. However, each stay within the country is limited to a maximum duration of 3 months. After each 3-month stay, the visa holder must exit the country and re-enter to continue utilizing the multiple-entry privilege.

Note: We only offer the multiple-entry visa application.

Please be aware that the Saudi Arabian authorities have the discretion to determine the duration of stay for both visa types. It is essential to adhere to the specified validity period and comply with the visa conditions while staying in Saudi Arabia.

What is the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa processing timefor Sudanese citizens?

With our standard service, your visa application will be processed within 30 days business days.

However, this does not include the time it takes the government to process your document. Please note that their processing time for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa can vary depending on various factors including the number of applications received, the completeness of documentation, and the efficiency of the visa processing system at the time of application.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa application: How to apply in Sudan

Our streamlined process makes the visa application procedure hassle-free and convenient, ensuring you are well-prepared to embark on your journey to Saudi Arabia. To apply for the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Complete our user-friendly iVisa form, providing your travel details and necessary information and pay our processing fee.

Our team will carefully review your application and supporting documents to ensure accuracy and consistency. If any issues arise, we will contact you via email to resolve them before proceeding.

We will then book a visa appointment for you at the Embassy or VAC closest to you. We will also send you a PDF guide and further instructions to prepare for your visa appointment via email.

  • Step 2: Visit the Embassy or designated Application Center with the required documents. Remember you may also need to pay the government fee during this appointment.

  • Step 3: Await the response from the Embassy. Once your visa is approved, you will receive it, enabling you to finalize your travel preparations.

Note: Sudanese passport holders are not eligible to apply for a Saudi Arabia e visa.

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Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa requirements for Sudanese citizens?

Acquiring a visa from the Saudi Arabia embassy entails a meticulous application process that adheres to strict standards and regulations. Even minor errors or missing documents can result in the unfortunate outcome of visa rejection. Preparing and submitting all required documents with utmost precision and accuracy is paramount.

Necessary documents for the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for Sudanese citizens?

When applying for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa as a Sudanese citizen, you will need to provide several necessary documents. Here are the typical requirements:

  • Passport: A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended stay in Saudi Arabia. The passport should have at least two consecutive blank pages for visa stamps.

  • Saudi Arabia Visa Application Form: Complete the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa application form accurately and ensure all fields are filled in with the required information.

  • Photographs: Provide recent passport-sized photographs that meet the specifications set by the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate. Typically, the photos should have a plain white or off-white background, with the applicant's face clearly visible.

  • Flight Itinerary: Present a copy of your flight itinerary, showing your entry and exit dates to and from Saudi Arabia. This includes details of your airline reservation.

  • Accommodation Details: Provide proof of accommodation arrangements during your stay in Saudi Arabia. This can be in the form of hotel reservations or an invitation letter from a host if you are staying with relatives or friends.

  • Financial Proof: Submit evidence of your financial ability to cover your expenses during your stay in Saudi Arabia. This can include bank statements, sponsorship letters, or any other documents demonstrating your financial stability.

  • Travel Insurance: It is advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses and emergencies during your trip. Provide a copy of your travel insurance policy.

Additional Documents: Depending on your circumstances and the requirements of the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate, you may be asked to provide additional documents such as a cover letter, proof of employment, or a no-objection certificate from your employer.

It's important to note that The Saudi Arabia Visa requirements can vary, and additional documents may be requested based on individual circumstances.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa requirements for children of citizens of Sudan

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa requirements for children of citizens of Sudan are similar to those for adult applicants. Here are the general requirements:

  1. Passport: Each child must have a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond the intended travel dates.

  2. Visa Application Form: The visa application form must be completed accurately and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

  3. Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs of the child are required. The specifications for the photographs may vary, so it's essential to check the Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate guidelines.

  4. Birth Certificate: A copy of the child's birth certificate, showing the names of both parents, is typically required.

  5. Consent Letter: A consent letter from the absent parent(s) is necessary if the child travels without parents or legal guardians. The letter should include their contact details and a statement granting permission for the child to travel.

  6. Accommodation and Itinerary: Proof of accommodation arrangements in Saudi Arabia, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter from a host, may be required. Additionally, providing a detailed travel itinerary can support the visa application.

  7. Financial Documentation: It may be necessary to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover the child's expenses during their stay in Saudi Arabia. This could include bank statements or a sponsor's financial guarantee.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa passport requirements for citizens of Sudan

To apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, Sudan's citizens must meet certain passport requirements. Here are the general passport requirements for Sudanese citizens:

  1. Validity: The passport must have a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended stay in Saudi Arabia. It is important to ensure that the passport will remain valid throughout the entire duration of the trip.

  2. Blank Pages: The passport should have at least two consecutive blank pages for visa stamps. These pages are needed for the visa label and any entry or exit stamps issued upon arrival or departure.

  3. Condition: The passport should be in good condition and free from any damage or significant wear and tear that may impede the legibility of personal information or the passport's security features.

  4. Previous Tourist Visas: If the passport contains previous Saudi Arabia visas, it is advisable to include them as part of the application to demonstrate the traveler's history of visits to the country.

It's important to note that these are general requirements, and specific passport requirements can vary based on individual circumstances.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa photo requirements for citizens of Sudan

When applying for a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, citizens of Sudan must adhere to specific photo requirements. Here are the general photo requirements for the visa application:

  1. Format: The photo should be in color and a digital format. Printed photos are not accepted.

  2. Size: The photo's dimensions should be 4 × 6 centimeters.

  3. Background: The background should be plain white or off-white. Avoid patterns, shadows, or any objects in the background.

  4. Facial Expression and Position: The applicant should maintain a neutral facial expression with open eyes and visible. The face must be centered in the photo, with the applicant looking directly at the camera.

  5. Headgear: Headgear such as hats or scarves should not be worn in the photo unless worn for religious or medical reasons. The face should be fully visible.

  6. *Glasses: If the applicant wears glasses, ensure no reflections or glare on the lenses and that the eyes are visible. It's recommended to remove any tinted glasses.

  7. Resolution and Quality: The photo should be high quality, at least 600 dpi resolution. The image should be sharp and free from any smudges or digital artifacts.

It's important to note that these are general guidelines, and specific photo requirements may vary. Use our passport photo service to get government-compliant photos from the comfort of your home.

My Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa application was denied. What should I do?

If your visa to enter Saudi Arabia is denied, follow these concise steps:

  1. Understand the reason for the denial by contacting the nearest embassy or consulate.

  2. Review your application and supporting documents for errors or missing information.

  3. Seek professional assistance by contacting our expert customer service team.

  4. Reapply with stronger documentation, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

  5. Allow sufficient processing time and avoid rushing the application.

Consider requesting a review or reconsideration from the embassy or consulate, providing additional evidence if applicable.

Remember, there is no approval guarantee upon reapplication, and it's important to consult the official Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate for guidance specific to your situation.

More questions about the Saudi Arabian Tourist visa?

If you need more information about getting your Saudi Arabian Tourist visa, please contact our 24/7 customer service team via online chat or email at [email protected]. We're here to support your travel experience easy and make it stress-free.

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