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Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa for Citizens of the United Kingdom

Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa for Citizens of the United Kingdom
iVisa | Updated on Apr 11, 2023

Saudi Arabia Umrah Tradition

Yearning to perform Umrah and visit Saudi Arabia but concerned about the Saudi Arabia Umrah visa requirements for British citizens? We can help!

All UK citizens must apply for a relevant Saudi visa before traveling. Two types of “Umrah visas” you can apply for, i.e., the Umrah-specific visa or the online tourist e-Visa, can be used to perform the Umrah pilgrimage.

iVisa offers a simplified application process for tourist e-visa. Let us break down the different Saudi Arabia Visa options for United Kingdom citizens, how iVisa can help you process your online visa application, and the requirements for UK citizens.

Umrah visa requirements for United Kingdom citizens

Most foreign pilgrims must apply for an Umrah visa before embarking on a pilgrimage. Muslim citizens of the United Kingdom with valid passports can also perform Umrah using a standard Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa.

Also, note that any United Kingdom citizen approved for an Umrah visa must have mandatory travel insurance to cover any emergency medical costs that could arise from health issues during their stay in the Kingdom.

What is the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, or Saudi Arabia Electronic Visa, allows travelers to participate in tourism-related activities, including events, visiting family and relatives, leisure, and Muslim tourists can even perform Umrah (excluding Hajj).

With this visa, you can also visit the holy cities of Jeddah, Makkah (Mecca), and Medina. Take into consideration that only Muslims can enter the sacred city of Makkah.

Please note: These Saudi visas cannot be used to perform Hajj. During the Hajj period, the Saudi embassy issues special Hajj Visas, and you will require a Hajj visa to enter the country. Tourist visas do not permit studying or working and cannot be used as transit visas either.

The difference between the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa and the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa?

Aside from a tourist visa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also offers a separate Umrah Visa, which provides Umrah pilgrims perks unavailable to UK nationals traveling on a tourist eVisa. For instance, those with an Umrah-specific visa may leave the country with ZamZam, while those on a tourist visa may not.

Other differences include that the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa is a Multiple Entry visa that anyone of any religion can apply for. In contrast, the Umrah-specific visa is a single-entry visa only issued to Muslims for the sole purpose of performing Umrah.

Saudi authorities also have vastly different requirements for each visa. Foreign pilgrims from forty-nine countries can travel to Saudi Arabia and perform the religious pilgrimage on a tourist eVisa. On the other hand, travelers from anywhere in the world can apply for the Umrah Visa.

Unfortunately, iVisa does not offer an Umrah-specific visa due to the rigorous Umrah visa requirements. You can check your eligibility for the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa with our Visa Checker Tool.

If you do not qualify for a Tourist Visa, you may apply for an Umrah e-Visa instead. In this case, you must speak to your local agent or Hajj and Umrah representatives for guidance on the stringent application process. Alternatively, contact the Saudi Ministry or the royal embassy for more information.

How often can I enter Saudi Arabia with a Tourist e-Visa?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa is a Multiple Entry visa. Thus, you can enter the country as often as you want within a year. Each stay can be up to 90 days in Total.

Validity of a Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa

Your eVisa for Saudi Arabia expires 1 year after issued. Your maximum stay in Saudi Arabia is 90 days in Total.

Can I enter Saudi Arabia through land borders, apart from airports?

If you apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa for Umrah purposes, you can enter Saudi Arabia via the land borders via Dubai or Bahrain.

iVisa’s Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa application process

Intending to apply for a tourist visa? Let us help you take the guesswork out of the visa application process with our easy eVisa application. It can be completed in minutes from your home or office with these three simple steps:

Step 1: Provide basic information about yourself in the application form and your trip, and choose your preferred processing time.

Step 2: Check for all information, and pay for the Saudi Arabia e-Visa Fees using a credit or debit card. Step 3: Finally, add any required documents, if needed, and click ‘Submit.’

Then sit back as we process the application on your behalf. The approved visa confirmation will be emailed to you.

When should I apply for the Saudi Arabia eVisa?

Those intending to perform Umrah, explore the holy city, and enjoy other tourism opportunities are advised to apply for their Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa at least 24 hours before their trip.

Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa Requirements

Make sure to gather these documents before applying for your eVisa:

  • National ID Card or Birth Certificate - You must show your identity with your government's official document.

  • Travel Authorization from employer or school - You need a letter or a statement from your host indicating the reason for your stay.

  • Applicant Photo - A recent color passport photo works best. If you do not have one, you can use our photo service to get new pictures done from the comfort of your home.

  • Valid Passport Personal Details Scan - Scan your passport bio page. You must have six months of validity left from the day you plan to enter Saudi Arabia.

  • Proof of Accommodation - Prove you have a place to stay while you are in the country.

  • Bank Statement - Show customs officials you have the money to pay for your trip.

  • Vaccinations - If you come from a country with a high risk of yellow fever, you will need a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to reach Saudi Arabia.

  • Onward Ticket - Show that you have a departure ticket to leave Saudi Arabia.

Processing time and cost of the Saudi Arabia e-Visa

The waiting period for your Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa will depend on your country of origin and the speed of processing you choose. We currently offer three processing options. The processing option you choose will also affect the cost. Americans can expect to pay about:

  • Standard processing will take 5 days and costs USD $224.99.

  • Rush processing will take 3 days and costs USD $275.99.

  • Super Rush takes 24 hours and costs USD $359.99.

The cost is made up of iVisa’s processing fee as well as the USD 144 government application fee.

Other Requirements to enter Saudi Arabia as a UK citizen

Aside from visa requirements, UK citizens often have questions regarding other requirements to enter the Kingdom. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

Do I need a vaccine to travel to Saudi Arabia as a citizen of the UK?

Visitors are advised to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, and Rabies.

Travelers applying for the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa for Citizens of the United Kingdom need to follow these recommendations and the Polio vaccine. The Covid-19 vaccine is not mandatory to enter the country but is highly recommended.

Do I need a PCR Test to travel to Saudi Arabia as a citizen of the UK?

COVID test requirements: There are no testing requirements.

Do I need to quarantine upon arrival in Saudi Arabia as a citizen of the UK?

Quarantine requirements: There are no quarantine requirements.

More Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team, who are available 24/7 online, or email us at [email protected].

We hope you have a great time and enjoy your trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

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