How to get a visa for South Sudan and apply for it safely
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Soon, the government of South Sudan will launch the South Sudan eVisa, which will allow numerous travelers to enter this country more easily and safely. This eVisa will be available online. Better yet, it will be available at, meaning that the application process will be a lot easier than usual!

We know that you may have many questions about this upcoming document, but don’t worry, we’re ready to help with this article. So please read below to see how to get a visa for South Sudan and apply for it online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current COVID-19 restrictions to visit South Sudan?

As the Covid limitations often vary depending on your nationality and other circumstances, we strongly suggest you read our South Sudan eVisa page to get the most up-to-date news about this topic. This way, you’ll be able to travel to South Sudan safely.

See how to get a visa for South Sudan and apply for it safely below.

What is a South Sudan eVisa, and how to apply for it?

You’ll be able to apply for a South Sudan eVisa at very soon. In the meantime, these are the steps to follow to apply for this electronic visa:

  • Step 1, fill out the online request form and select a processing speed.
  • Step 2, check the information registered to avoid mistakes and pay for your eVisa by using your debit or credit card.
  • Step 3, upload and add the required items. Click on ‘submit’ once you’re ready.

As soon as you finish this process, you’ll get the eVisa by email inbox.

Keep in mind that this document will allow you to stay in South Sudan only for a short-term visit.

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What requirements do I need to apply for a South Sudan eVisa?

The requirements vary depending on your nationality, but keep in mind the following as these are the most requested items when applying for an online document:

  • Your current email address to receive the eVisa.
  • Your current passport (at least 6 months of validity upon arrival).
  • A scanned copy of your passport’s first page.
  • A passport-style photograph.
  • Your valid debit or credit card to complete payments.

Learn more about this topic: How to get a visa for South Sudan below.

What about the cost/processing times?

The price will depend on the processing speed you choose. We offer three processing options depending on your needs, and these are:

  • Standard Processing Option: If you’re a budget traveler and prefer standard waiting. USD $195.05 - 7 days
  • Rush Processing Option: If you can pay a bit more to get your eVisa faster. USD $244.05 - 5 days
  • Super Rush Processing Option: If you want your eVisa ASAP. USD $313.05 - 3 days

See how to get a visa for South Sudan and other valuable info about this eVisa below.

Is safe?

You can feel safe when using our online website to carefully process your eVisas and other travel documents. We have a high-quality safety system that will not put your personal details at risk. Learn more about it by checking our comments section.

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Where can I find more information?

If you want to see exactly how to get a visa for South Sudan, then go to On the other hand, if you prefer personal attention, then reach out to our agents, they’re available at all times. Recommends

South Sudan is a country in Africa that became independent from Sudan in 2011 after a referendum was held in January that year. This country borders Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic. Since South Sudan is located near the tropical Equator, much of its landscape consists of a tropical rainforest. It also has large swamps and plains. This country is home to the White Nile, a famous tributary of the Nile River that passes through the country. The Kinyeti is its highest point, at 10,456 feet (3,187 m).

Most South Sudanese food is very similar to Sudanese. You can find international and local cuisine establishments in Juba (the capital city) and other major city centers. If you decide to try the local food, remember to taste dishes like Kuindiong (sweetened semolina), Moukhbaza (paste of mashed bananas), Asseeda (Sudanese porridge), and Kajaik (fish stew), to mention some.

Keep in mind that South Sudan has a rainy season from May to November. Therefore, you should avoid visiting the country during that season, or be prepared with proper clothing.

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