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Gabonese citizens who plan a visit to Sri Lanka need a consular visa to enter the country properly. This can be something tedious for some travelers, but the good news is that a Sri Lankan eVisa will be available online very soon, and it means that you won't need to go to the embassy to receive any travel documentation.

To learn more details about the upcoming Sri Lankan eVisa, keep reading the information below.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

Do Gabonese Citizens need a visa to enter Sri Lanka?

Yes, Gabonese Citizens need a consular visa to enter Sri Lanka. Bear in mind that you might be eligible to get a Sri Lankan ETA soon.

What is a Sri Lanka ETA?

The ETA is an official document that permits foreign citizens to travel to Sri Lanka with an electronic system linked to their passports.

What documents do I need to apply for an ETA?

If you want to receive your ETA, you'll need to provide some documentation first. You don't have to worry about this part because these requirements are accessible:

  • Valid Passport – If you already have a passport, make sure that it'll remain valid for at least 6 months from your date of departure.

  • E-mail address – You will obtain your ETA via e-mail in PDF format. We advise you to print a copy and show it to the immigration office in Sri Lanka. Make sure to check the spelling before sending your online form

  • Payment Methods – iVisa accepts multiple payment options. You can use either a credit/debit card or a Paypal account if you have one.

  • Return or onward flight ticket – This item applies only to citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syria.

How long is the Sri Lanka e-Visa valid for?

This e-Visa is valid for 30 days after arrival, but once you get it, you'll be able to stay in the country for 30 days in Total.

What are the processing times and prices?

The price of your Sri Lanka ETA will vary according to how fast you want it. Consider that iVisa comes with three excellent choices perfect for all the needs and budgets. They are the following:

  • Standard processing – If you select this option as most people do, you need to pay no more than USD $152.08. Your application will be ready in only 3 days.

  • Rush processing – You can apply for this alternative if you want to get your document a little bit faster. It takes only 24 hours for your application to be processed, and you will have to pay USD $218.08 for your ETA.

  • Super Rush processing – This choice is great for people who need their ETA on the spot. Your travel document will be ready in only 12 hours. However, the price is as high as USD $310.08.

The fees mentioned above are based on the Sri Lankan Tourist ETA for Egyptians, but they work great to get an idea of the upcoming prices for Gabonese.

How can I apply?

The application form is divided into two simple steps:

  1. The first one will ask you to fill in your basic information like name, address, passport info, and e-mail address. You also have to choose the type of ETA you need and the processing time.

  2. The second step of the application process will ask you to make the payment and one last revision of your information. You can pay this service using a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. Make sure that all the information you provide is 100% correct. Mistakes can occur during the application process, which is why you should double-check everything, especially the spelling. It is impossible to make any corrections after your application is processed.

Do I need a visa for my kids too?

If your kids are older than 12 years old, then they also need to apply for an ETA. But kids under 12 years old are exempt from applying for this visa.

Can I apply for family and friends?

Yes, you can apply for them, as long as you have their information. The process is the same as described above. Don't forget that you have the option to "add applicant" while filling in your online form, but this is only necessary if you travel with one person or if your child is less than 12 years old.

How does this ETA look like?

Fill me in

Is it secure to use iVisa to apply for an eVisa?

Yes, it is! iVisa has a specialized service team that has been offering official eVisas since 2013. Many people think that information on the Internet can leak easily, and that's why they fear any online process, but with our services, there's nothing to be afraid of.

We offer the best safety system for your information, and we also invest a lot in security for our database. And if you still have doubts about it, you can check what our happy customers say about it here

Where can I read more about this ETA?

If you want more reliable resolution, click here and start talking to one of our customer service representatives. If you prefer reading about Sri Lanka ETAs, then you can click here.

As you can see, getting an ETA or eVisa for Sri Lanka will be a lot easier than getting a consular visa. The electronic system is easy to use, and it'll be a great solution to those adventurers who want to save time and effort.

Important Note: iVisa is not offering this document at the moment, but it'll be available very soon. We recommend you to stay alert to this website for more upcoming information!

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