Sri Lanka visa requirements for Australian citizens

iVisa | Updated on May 11, 2022

Australia is among the many countries whose citizens are eligible for a Sri Lanka visa on arrival. However, as an Australian, you need to get a Sri Lanka ETA before departure. can help you with that. The application process is entirely online, and you can get what you need in as little as 30 minutes.

Sri Lanka

The requirements

As far as the topic of this article, the Sri Lanka visa requirements for Australian citizens are the same as for everyone else who qualifies for a Sri Lanka ETA. The visa policy of Sri Lanka is pretty lenient, and as a result, the requirements are easy to meet.

  • The first requirement you need to meet is the passport. All travelers who wish to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA must have a valid passport. However, it is not enough for the document to be valid when you submit your application. According to Sri Lanka’s visa policy, the passport needs to remain valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in the country. Failure to comply may lead to a denied visa application.

  • The next few requirements are imposed by as your visa agent. You need to provide a few documents and some information so that can get the visa application process started. But do not be concerned about it. You will not be asked anything out of the ordinary, and chances are that you already have everything you need.

  • The next requirement involves you having a valid email address. If you [apply online for your Sri Lanka ETA, will send you the document via email. In that case, you need to have access to it so that you can print it out before departure. We recommend that you print more than one physical copy just in case you need a spare.

  • You are also required to have a means of online payment. An online visa application process involves an online payment. With, you will be asked to make the payment during the second step of the application form. takes credit and debit cards.

The last Sri Lanka visa requirement for Australian citizens, as well as for everyone else, is to fill in an application form. However, it's easy. It should not take you more than 10 minutes to do it, and just in case you need assistance, has an excellent support service that is available 24/7 and is free of charge.

As you can see, the Sri Lanka visa requirements for Australian citizens do not contain anything out of the ordinary. Just a few basic things that can help you have a successful visa application process.

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