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| Updated on Feb 2, 2018

India Visa for U.S. Citizens (Americans)

The United States is a great place to experience many different cultures. Although we’re often surrounded by people of varying backgrounds and heritages, for the most part, all cultures here tend to meld together or Americanize. That’s why traveling to experience different cultures first hand is so important.

One of the most incredible places to visit from the U.S. to experience a different, exciting, and vibrant culture is India. India offers a wealth of places to explore so that U.S. citizens can learn more about how different countries live.

If you’d like to explore India one day soon, here’s everything you need to know about the visa process.


Do I Need to Contact the Embassy for My Visa?

Most people still think that to obtain a tourist visa to a country like India, they’ll need to go to an embassy to apply for a visa. While this may have been true a few decades ago, there are now online services, like iVisa, offering guaranteed electronic visas that have taken the place traditional visas for many travelers. These visas are the same as a traditional visa, but emailed to you instead, for faster visa delivery and easier retrieval.

What Do I Need When I Get to the Airport?

When you get to the airport, you’ll need a valid passport, a picture ID, and your electronic visa to India. If you misplace your e-Visa, don’t worry. Services like iVisa make it easy to get a visa re-emailed to you quickly, so you’ll still make your trip.

What is the price for an Indian e-Visa for Americans?

No, purchasing an e-visa is fairly inexpensive. Visa prices into a certain country are usually dictated by that country’s embassy, so the pricing is standard. If ordering through iVisa, an American will pay $62 to travel to India. The processing fee is another $35, keeping your total expenses under $100.

Of course, if you need your visa rushed, there are additional fees you might opt to pay, but they are completely optional and usually not needed.

Can I Get My e-Visa Quickly?

One of the main reasons people opt for an electronic visa over traditional visas (aside from convenience) is because of the quick processing and delivery times. Need a visa in a pinch? No problem – e-visas are quick to obtain.

When you apply for an e-visa to India through iVisa, the general processing time takes as little as 18 hours. Since the processing time is so quick, you’ll receive you electronic visa by email within 72 hours (3 business days) after applying online.

If for some reason, you need your visa rushed or prioritized to get to you even faster, iVisa can help. Simply apply online and during the application process select the rush delivery option.

It’s important for any U.S. citizen to get outside of the American way of life and experience new, different cultures, like visiting India. Make your trip even easier by obtaining your travel visa through

Apply for an Indian Visa

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