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NOTE: Since April 28th, 2022 the Vietnam Medical Declaration is no longer needed to enter the country.

Every traveler arriving to Vietnam from overseas is now required to fill out a Health Declaration Form. The paper version of the form is available at the airport or you can process yours electronically, via the Preventive Health Department website.

Still, some users find the application form difficult to complete before their arrival to Vietnam. If you are also having trouble with the Government’s website, iVisa has a solution. With our services, you'll complete your application process in only a couple of minutes.

Once your application is submitted and accepted, you will receive a QR Code which you will have to show at the immigration check point.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • As an added measure to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), entry restrictions have also been placed on travelers with Vietnamese citizenship or resident status.

  • The Vietnamese government also recommends that residents and visitors should limit their travel to other cities or provinces.

  • Travelers must have medical or travel insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment.

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Travelers will need either proof of full COVID vaccination or proof of recovery from COVID to enter Vietnam. The time between hospital discharge and entry date must not exceed 6 months.

Travelers are considered fully vaccinated if the final dose of a vaccine against SARS-Cov-2 has been administered at least two weeks before traveling and no more than 1 year prior to the date of entry

  • COVID test prior to arrival: Travelers no longer need to take a COVID test before traveling to Vietnam.
  • COVID test after arrival: Test in the first 24 hours of arrival for those entering by road, rail, or sea without a covid test.
  • Quarantine requirements: There are no quarantine requirements.
The Vietnam Medical Declaration Form was created as a preventive measure for all travelers arriving in Vietnam. Its main objective is to stop the spread of coronavirus within the country and to prevent more people from getting infected.
All nationalities must get this medical declaration, including Vietnam citizens who have visited other countries and are returning to Vietnam.
We offer three options for processing times with unique and affordable prices. These are the options:
  • Standard - with USD 35.99 we process your document within 24 hours.
  • Rush - for a price of USD 69.99 you are able to receive your Vietnam Medical Declaration in only 8 hours.
  • Super Rush - with a total cost of USD 108.99 you can get your document in just 4 hours. If you are in a hurry and want your document as fast as possible, we recommend this option.
The Vietnam Medical Declaration can only be used once. Remember to present this certificate to the Medical Control Staff at the quarantine office in the Vietnam Airport.
We require the following to submit your application:
  • Passport with at least 6-month validity.
  • Credit/Debit card or PayPal account for payment: The payment method you choose must be made online.
We offer three processing alternatives for all applicants:
  • Standard Processing: 24 hours
  • Rush Processing: 8 hours
  • Super Rush Processing: 4 hours
You can apply at any time. However, you should bear in mind that even if you apply one month before the day of your trip, we will keep your application on hold until at least three days before your arrival in Vietnam. This way, we will make sure that your Medical Declaration is as up-to-date as possible and you can get it in the required time frame.

No. The Vietnam Medical Declaration does not guarantee entry to the country. It is up to the country’s customs authorities to allow entry to a visitor after procedure checking upon arrival.

IMPORTANT: This document does not replace a visa, but is an additional requirement that the Government of Vietnam is soliciting for all visitors entering this country. If your nationality requires a visa application, you should take into consideration that the Medical Declaration must also be obtained.

The documents you must present upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam will depend on two points that we present below:
  • For Foreigners: QR Code of the Vietnam Medical Declaration. Approval visa, in case your nationality requires one. There are nationalities that require a visa to enter, if that is the case, you must also present this document in order to enter.
  • For Vietnam citizens: QR Code of the Vietnam Medical Declaration.
It must be valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of arrival.
For more information about the visas we offer for travel to Vietnam, the requirements to be taken into account before departure and the documents to be submitted to apply, you can visit our website or contact us via online chat.

Vietnam, a country known for several events that took place in the past, is now a historic country with many places to visit and people to meet. As you know, the capital of this country is Hanoi, but has it always been like that? No, previously there were two Vietnamese: South Vietnam with its capital Hanoi and North Vietnam with its capital Ho Chi Minh. Now, there is only one capital that unites these two parts and is unified by the same people: the Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese citizens have many peculiar characteristics that make them look unique, one of them is the brotherhood they have with each other, the importance they give to their family, and the protection they give to their own people. Nevertheless, you should also know that if you come across one of them, you should be very respectful and not let yourself be carried away by everything they tell you, because they can even take advantage of you and get some money out of you. In the street markets that Vietnam counts on in quantity, you can find everything and for everyone, however, prices vary a lot, since, the sellers will always seek to benefit from the product they are selling. So, don't be fooled and always keep in mind to haggle with them in order to arrive at a fair price that benefits both of you. If you disagree with something they say, be as respectful as possible, be grateful, and leave the place. Don't get defensive because they can react in an aggressive way too.

As mentioned before, there are two very eye-catching and yet different places: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. It's funny to think that even though the capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, the city that's more populated and bigger, is Ho Chi Minh. If you go to Hanoi, you will find many quiet places and a huge desert with incredible beaches to spend the day or stay up to two nights to appreciate and enjoy a memorable view. One of the best known and recommended by many is Halong Bay, considered a cultural heritage site by UNESCO, which has a large number of islets. The experience is unique and if you want to plan a trip to this place, you can arrive by bus or boat. If you go by bus, it is preferable that you buy the ticket at the bus station itself and not at the hotel (where you are staying) or on a tour. In Vietnam is very common that the tourist agencies and hotels, offer you a guided tour for very cheap prices, however, keep in mind that the vast majority of these agencies end up taking advantage of tourists making them spend more than they indicated at the beginning of buying the service. This is why we recommend that you save your money, make your own tour, and immerse yourself in the adventure of knowing Vietnam! Don't be fooled by what people in Vietnam offer or say because you will only lose out.

On the other hand, we have Hon Chi Minh City, where the most accelerated life prevails, with lots of traffic, nightlife, motorcycles in quantity, people everywhere, and numerous commerce. One of the most notable businesses that Vietnam offers is a traditional food. What characterizes their food is the balance they achieve so that everything you eat is balanced and healthy. For the Vietnamese, the essential ingredient that should never be missing from a meal is rice. For some of us foreigners, this may seem a little strange, but for them, this cereal is indispensable for any dish they prepare. So don't be surprised if you go to a restaurant or market and are served a portion of rice as a side dish because in Vietnam it's very common.

Another dish that's super familiar to a lot of people is the Pho. This hearty soup with a unique herbal aroma warms you up even on the coldest days. You can find this dish anywhere and at any time. To try it for the first time, you can go to the places that have more customers, because those are the ones that use the freshest ingredients.

If you can't speak Vietnamese, and you're afraid that no one will understand you, don't worry! In Vietnam, there are many people who also speak English and in some areas, they also practice French. Don't let language be a barrier to getting to know other places in Southeast Asia. Always keep in mind that Vietnamese history and culture are very prominent and therefore you should be very respectful of the signs and posters you see in museums, temples, and parks. Don't forget to find out about the permits, visas, and/or health declarations that you have to obtain to enter this country, before planning your trip. Avoid long queues at airports and misunderstandings with immigration officials and inform yourself first.

One of the documents you need to enter this country is the Vietnam Medical Declaration Form. A Vietnam Medical Declaration Form is a legally-binding document that states, in no uncertain terms, that the bearer is of sound and healthy body and does not show any indication of the presence of the COVID-19 virus or infection. The specific contents of the form may vary according to the port of entry but generally, the form contains stipulations that, aside from the absence of the virus, the bearer will also allow his person to be subject to precautions designed to ascertain the absence or presence of the virus.

COVID-19 is one of those rare viral respiratory diseases that are relayed from person to person very easily. It could easily infect much of the world’s population and kill about 10% of the infected. The Vietnam Medical Declaration Form pins the responsibility for the accuracy of the information within the form solely upon the bearer, also this document will assure that the traveler is COVID-19-free.

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