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Due to recent measures taken by governments to tackle Covid-19, visitors will be required to present Health Declarations, Medical Declarations, or Self-Declarations Health Form for entry Kuwait., in its effort to help all customers fulfill their travel dreams, designed these required documents for you to travel safely.
Required Documents to Apply
  • A current valid passport, with at least 6-month validity.

  • A credit/debit card or a PayPal account

Important Instructions
  • Only complete this form if you are planning to travel within the next 3 months. Requests to travel outside of 3 months will not be considered. Check the website regularly as travel restrictions are subject to change.

  • All travelers arriving in Kuwait must undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities in their port of arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're planning to go on vacation, you should make sure you visit Kuwait first. The country is extremely popular among travelers because of its unique weather, lush greenery, and beautiful beaches.

You will find no other holiday home like it. It has scenic beach views, rolling hills, lush forests, and canals.

However, although it is lovely, there are some disadvantages that tourists should take into consideration when visiting this country. Below are the main disadvantages of holidaying in Kuwait.

One of the most significant disadvantages of this country is the fact that it is not an extremely safe country for many of the adventurous groups of tourists. For example, there have been numerous reports of theft and violent crimes throughout the country. Even though the country is well policed, tourists should be prepared.

Another main disadvantage of vacationing in Kuwait is the fact that the country is very expensive. Many people will assume that vacationing in this country is very affordable. However, the fact is that it is one of the most expensive countries to live in.

Also, the tourist visa for entering the country is very difficult to obtain. People who do not have a valid job permit are not eligible to enter the country. Although the country does provide a number of social services, the only way to visit Kuwait is through a tour package or other air travel.

As mentioned above, Kuwait has recently been receiving some investment from Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations and as a result, economic development is occurring at a rapid pace. The country is experiencing a large growth in the number of tourists. Kuwaitis are traveling to neighboring countries to enjoy holidays.

Not all of the problems with Kuwait tourism can be blamed on the downturn in international tourism. Of course, the reason that so many people will want to travel to Kuwait is that it is budget-friendly.

The low cost of the vacation in Kuwait is by far the best advantage. Even though the costs may seem high, there are ways to reduce your expenses. The economy in the region is in a state of flux, which means that the prices for many goods and services in this country are quite low.

The world-renowned diving destination of Kuwait is well worth the low costs. Kuwait's famed coral reefs are so diverse that they provide a unique recreational experience to everyone. The reefs are available year-round.

There are over 30 different coral species and each of them offers its own unique opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and underwater life. Since so many people travel from all over the world to see the underwater life, a one-day dive package may be the most affordable way to see it. Other types of diving include looking for dolphins or seeing the wonderful corals that the Polynesians use to paint their bodies.

Vacations in Kuwait are not expensive. Some of the things you need to travel for such as a passport, travel insurance, and car rental will add up to several hundred dollars per person. However, you will still be able to experience the country's natural beauty for less than $100 per person.

If you are coming to Kuwait, whether on a vacation (please restrain from traveling during COVID-19) or a business trip, it is essential that you fill out a Kuwait Health Declaration Form. This form, known as the Covid-19, will help you in keeping your personal belongings safe and secure in the event of a medical emergency. Without this form, you could be risking your belongings and even your life.

There are several types of a Kuwait Health Declaration Form that you should use. First, you must complete a Complainant's Permit, known as Covid-19. If you have recently come from another country, it is strongly recommended that you obtain this permit to allow yourself to be properly processed upon entering Kuwait. Keep in mind that not all countries require the same permits.

You must also fill out the following documents: Complainant's Medical Certificate, followed by the corresponding Health Statement. These statements must be written in Arabic or English, as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

Next, it is important that you prepare the Vaccination Records Checklist for the Visiting Patients Group This group contains some of the health care providers working for the Ministry of Health. They will verify your vaccinations prior to providing you with treatment. They will also provide you with the necessary instructions in preparation for traveling to Kuwait.

You should also use the Man and Woman together form to complete. This form must be filled out for both genders. It will help you in getting the necessary permissions and recommendations for the visa application.

Once you have submitted all the forms that you need, you can return them to the Ministry of Health Office where they were filed. However, if you decide to keep any items, it is essential that you give them to your sponsor prior to your arrival. In the event that you become sick, your companion will be there to help you during your stay in Kuwait.

In addition, it is also important that you return all of your belongings to the sponsor or their representatives. They will be required to use the same contacts as you have established in order to get your things to the hospital. They will also be responsible for storing all of your valuables so that they can be retrieved after your visit.

It is also advisable that you request your loved ones to come with you if you do not want them to return home alone. Keep in mind that the Ministry of Health will have to ask these family members to take time off work if they plan to accompany you. It is recommended that you notify them about this beforehand.

Another difficult event that people face while in Kuwait is losing their passports. This occurs when a member of the family changes their name, which is possible if one of the spouses changes his or her name to make it more "appealable." If you do become a victim of this problem, you should contact the Ministry of Interior immediately.

They will require blood samples to be taken by a physician, known as Adm in Kuwait. Your blood sample will be used to diagnose the virus and determine the appropriate medication. In the event that the vaccine fails to work, the Ministry of Health can also order other medications, known as Intensives, to treat the patient.

One key fact to remember while in Kuwait is that children under the age of eighteen are not allowed to travel. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that children do not have immunity to diseases.

The second reason is that a child needs the special attention of an adult who is knowledgeable in the disease and knows how to treat it. Therefore, these adults cannot be supervised while traveling. Children over the age of eighteen do not need an adult escort into Kuwait.